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Seal Report 5.0

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4 years ago


  • New Web Site dedicated for the Documentation (published at
    The project is part of the Seal solution. Feel free to contribute to the documentation.
  • Dashboards and Widgets can be generated in a dedicated user view.
    A widget is a report's view published with dedicated properties (name, size, color, etc.)
    A dashboard is a list of items pointing to a widget.
  • New KPI View template to display simple KPIs (Key Performances Indicator) based on the result data table.
    Check sample '12-KPI.srex'.
  • SQL Model: New type of report's model to fully edit the Select SQL Statement.
    SealMasterTable is now deprecated for SQL Data Sources.
  • Common Restrictions and Values can be defined in SQL with the following keywords '{CommonRestriction_MyName}' or '{CommonValue_MyName}' where MyName is the Common Restriction name.
    Once defined, they can be edited and configured using the 'Common Restrictions' property of a Report Model.
    The following SQL definitions can contain Common Restrictions: Table SQL, Table Additional Where Clause, Table PreSQL, Table PostSQL, Model SQL, Model PreSQL, Model PostSQL.
  • New property 'Report Input Values' in the root Views tree node. Values can be defined and used in tasks scripts or any scripts executed to generate the report.
    Like normal restrictions, input values can be prompted to the user when the report is executed.
    The restriction Property "Use as parameter" does not exist anymore (to be replaced by a Report Input Value).
  • Dynamic display for enumerated lists:
    'Select SQL for prompted restriction' is a dedicated SQL Select to get the values when a restriction is prompted.
    The SQL can contain the '{EnumFilter}' and/or '{EnumValues_MyName}' keywords where MyName is the name of another prompted enumerated list.
    In addition 'Filter characters to type' allows to specify the number of character to type to trigger the list (case of use of {EnumFilter}) and 'Information message' to set a message for the end user like 'Type 2 characters' or 'Select a country first'.
  • New DateTime keywords: ThisHour, ThisMinute and ThisSemester
    Operations +/- are allowed with the following units: Y(Year), S(Semester), Q(Quarter), M(Month), D(Day), h(hour), m(minute), s(second)
  • Translations can be edited by file/language in the repository Settings folder.
    Feel free to contribute by adding new translation files for your languages.
  • Support of Common Table Expressions (CTE) in the SQL used to defined tables or SQL Models.
  • Compilation errors are highlighted in the Template and SQL Editors.
  • Rework of the Joins evaluation and configuration in the model definition:
    New model property 'View joins evaluated' to display the joins found and chosen for the SQL generated.
    The Join engine has enhanced to evaluate indirect joins even if direct joins are found.
    New property 'Joins to use' to specify the Joins to be used.
  • Server Manager: Default configuration values for the PDF and Excel Converter can be modified in the Server Configuration.
  • Update to Bootstrap 3.4.1, ChartJS library version 2.8.0, Plotly version 1.48.1, JS Tree 3.3.8

Issues Addressed in 5.0:

  • 120: In a chart, creation order of the Series can be random.
  • 121: Server Manager: "Add Sub-Reports" configures only restrictions for elements of the current table.
  • 123: Check for Razor Syntax does not work when editing partial template views.
  • 124: During report execution, the hour displayed in the message may be incorrect.
  • 125: The 'Back to top' icon may hide total cells if the pagination is not used in the table.
  • 126: For a report restriction, the Date Time value 4 may be ignored.
  • 127: Helper to create drill children does not work for SQLServer date time.
  • 128: The Invert Data Table option in 'Data Table' view does not work.
  • 130: Sort may not work when column and row elements are defined in a model.
  • 131: A LEFT OUTER Join is not converted to RIGHT OUTER Join when the join is bidirectional.

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