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Seal Report 4.0 Beta

latest releases: v7.0, v6.9.3, v6.9.2...
pre-release5 years ago


  • Use of .Net Framework v4.5.
  • Full rework of rendering and the view templates:
    Reports results generated are now fully responsive (implementation of bootstrap 3 layout and components).
    Partial view templates. Container and Model Container templates to render bootstrap grid layout.
  • New chart librairies: ChartJS and Plotly.
  • New option to show a sub-total line in the main data table when the value of a row element changes.
  • CSV Format is a native format for report results. CSV Templates are not available anymore.
  • Drill and sub-reports menus are available when clicking on chart .
    Supported for all ChartJS, Plotly Charts and for the NVD3 Pie Chart.
  • Support of unicode characters for the translations, the Translations files located in the Settings Repository directory must be in UTF8 Encoding.
  • Optimization of the engine to build the SQL when many Joins are defined.
  • New restrictions options: 'Can change' operator, 'Rows for Value 1' input.

Issues Addressed in 4.0:

  • 102: MySQL columns with white spaces are incorrectly created by the Wizard ([] instead of ``)
  • 105: Web Report Server: After modification, the user's profile is not correctly displayed
  • 106: Check Razor Script does not work for global tasks script referencing a server size Tasks Script
  • 107: Web Report Designer: The DateTime Picker is incorrect for US Dates
  • 108: Joins may produce incorrect SQL.
  • 109: Sort Series by point value is incorrect when the chart has several Series.

Check list when migrating from previous 3.x versions:

  • Custom templates: May refer to unsupported templates.
  • Themes are not supported anymore.
  • Charts: Implementation modified.
  • Custom parameters for output: Implementation modified.
  • Microsoft Charts are not supported anymore.
  • Custom Cell CSS for Elements is not supported anymore: use Cell Script instead.
  • Translations: Convert previous translation files to UTF8 encoding.

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