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Seal Report 3.1

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6 years ago


  • Server Side Pagination: In order to display big tables, the datatables component uses server pagination by default. The sort and filtering are also performed on the server.
    This option can be disabled using a dedicated parameter of the Root View: 'Server Pagination Enabled'
  • Rework of the Seal Web Interface API: SWI prefix has moved to SW when the call returns HTML result.
    Check new API description and samples at
  • Web Report Server: The temporary directory is not used anymore for the result publication.
  • Enum values may also have a display restriction value (e.g. to remove html tags set in the display value).
    or custom cell CSS.
  • Sql defined for Enum values can be built from a Razor script.
  • New parameter in the 'Root View' to inject JavaScript in the report result: 'Additional JavaScript'.
  • New Source property 'Init Script' to execute a Razor script when a report is initialized.
  • New Property 'Init Script' to execute a Razor script when a report is initialized.
  • Default numeric and date formats have been move from Source to Server Configuration.
  • Server Configuration: New Properties 'Init Script' and 'Tasks Script'.
  • Web Report Designer: The security can be also defined on Data Sources and Connections.

Issues Addressed in 3.1:

  • 77: The tooltip is incorrect for the NVD3 Multichart with 2 axis having different formats.
  • 78: Images may not be displayed in Chrome when the result is generated locally.
  • 79: When rendering a report after an execution, charts may not be sorted.
  • 80: The Web Report Server Search can show reports not published in parent folders.
  • 81: The Password for STMP devices or Connections may not be saved (Incorrect key size).
  • 82: In the Report Designer, the restriction editor does not support characters '[' or ']'

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