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Seal Report 3.0.2

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6 years ago


  • Web Report Server: compilation with MINIFIED option, clean up of the main HTML.


  • The Web Report Server allows to reconnect after a login with a blank user name/password.
  • Main Javascript files are minified in the setup.
  • New Model property Build Timeout (ms) to set the maximum duration used to build the SQL (4000 ms by default).


  • Seal Web Interface 3.0:
    The Web Report Server has been redesigned to offer a full HTML 5 web interface and a first web report designer.

    The Web security has been enhanced to configure rights on folders (Execute, Schedule, Edit)
    and rights on elements for the edition.

    Check the API Description and Samples at

    Warning: The web report designer is only available for our sponsors (Please contact Ariacom for more information).
  • A security context can be specified for each report output.
  • An Init Script that can be executed when the report is initialized (check sample 53-Init Script - Set default restriction values).
  • The Csv separator can be specified in the Server configuration.
  • Margins of NVD3 charts are automatically adjusted.

Issues Addressed in 3.0.1:

  • 73: Report definition files (*.srex) may contain unused XML tags ().
  • 74: Excel Converter: Numbers having with special formats may be converted into a Date.
  • 75: The SQL Generation may fail when too many Joins are defined (Out of Memory exception).

Issues Addressed in 3.0:

  • 68: The aggregate function specified for Totals is not used in columns (only Sum is used).
  • 69: Between operator may not work on MS Access or MySQL.
  • 70: The Create Sub Report helper raises an error.
  • 71: Emails are not sent when addresses are separated by new lines.
  • 72: Publication on https does not work if the server is not set as local.

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