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Seal Report 2.0

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7 years ago


  • Drill Down (Multi-dimensional navigation):
    In the Data Source, Drill children can be defined for a table column.
    This allows to navigate to the child from the value of the element in the report result.
    A dedicated View Parameter is available to enable/disable the feature.
    (e.g. Product Category -> Product Name -> Order Id)
  • Sub-Reports (Master-Detail Consultation):
    In the Data Source, Sub-Reports can be defined for table column.
    This allows to execute another report from the value of the element in the report result.
    A dedicated View Parameter is available to enable/disable the feature.
    (e.g. Order Id -> Report Order Detail)
  • Log Files: One file is generated per day to log the report executions in the repository 'Logs' subfolder.
    The number of days to keep is configured using the Server Manager: Menu Configuration -> Configure Server
  • In addition to the standard Model template, a new Model Detail template is available to display
    the detail of a model in a view.
  • Report Designer supports new command arguments (/e and /x) to Execute directly a report or an Output or a View
    from the Windows explorer.
  • Report tasks may have a common script per Report (edited in a dedicated property of the Tasks folder) or per Data Source (edited in the dedicated property of the Source) in order to define common razor functions in every tasks.
  • The file name defined in an output folder can contain the keyword %SEALREPORTDISPLAYNAME% to specify the current report display name.
  • New column type "Unicode Text" to support Unicode characters in the restrictions for Oracle and MSSQL Server
  • Default numeric and date time display formats can be specified in the Data Source.
  • Web Report Server: Portuguese Translations are available (Thanks to Arthur Jalmusny).
  • Update to JQuery v1.11.3, JQuery UI v1.11.3, DataTables v1.10.10
  • Update to Task Scheduler Managed Wrapper v2.5.4
  • Update to NVD3 Chart v1.8.1 (last commits 29/11/2015):
    Several new NVD3 Chart View Parameters to control the NVD3 chart.
    Migration issues:
    Custom NVD3 chart scripts have to be checked, ToolTip generation may have change.
  • PDF Converter: Update to Library v12.9

Issues Addressed in 2.0:

  • 53: Legends are not sorted in NVD3 charts.
  • 54: Sort is incorrect for enumerated values translated.
  • 55: Enumerated lists tanslated are not translated when restrictions are prompted.
  • 56: Init View parameters values does not work
  • 57: The Excel Converter does not work when executed several times for the same report.
  • 58: Default Locale defined in the root view is not used in Views children of a Tab Page View.
  • 59: In Report Designer, Checking 'Show Script Errors' option toggles also 'Schedule reports using current user' option.
  • 60: Characters with accents are not displayed correctly when the restrictions are prompted.
  • 61: Sort may be incorrect in columns of cross tables.

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