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Seal Report 1.8

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8 years ago


  • No SQL Data Source:
    In addition to SQL Data Source, custom Data Source can be defined using C# script.
    The data source is defined with a table definition script and a load script (either in the table or in the model).
    Check samples: 40-No SQL Source Hard Disks, 41-No SQL Source XML Google API, 42-No SQL Source RSS
  • Model Scripts:
    For SQL Data Source, a 'Pre Load Script' can be defined in the model to modify the model before the database load and a 'Post Load Script' can be defined in the model to modify the result table after the database load.
    Finally, a 'Final Script' is available to modify the model after the complete load.
    Check samples: 43-SQL Source with XML Google API
  • Cell Script:
    Custom scripts can be defined on a report element to process values after the Summary, Page and Data tables have been built in the model.
    These scripts can be used to customize cell display and values or to perform complex calculations.
    Check sample: 50-Cell Script - Progression and running totals
    Warning: This feature replaces the previous 'Total Cell Script' property introduced in 1.7.
  • New restriction properties:
    'Custom Enumerated List' to change or assign an enumerated list,
    'Use as parameter' to use a restriction having the operator 'Value Only' as a simple parameter that can be used in scripts.
    Check sample: 51-User Input - Connection and threshold
  • Repository Assemblies Sub-Folder:
    A new sub-folder Assemblies in the Repository folder is available to add extra assemblies (.dll files) to be loaded by the applications.
    Objects defined in the assemblies can then be used in Razor scripts.
  • Print layout: Interactive controls are not shown any more in NVD3 charts.
  • TaskHelper: New method ExecuteProcess(string path) to execute a program.
  • New options in TaskDatabaseHelper object to customize the following methods directly in the script:
    GetTableCreateCommand(), GetTableColumnNames(), GetTableColumnValues().

Issues Addressed in 1.8:

  • 51: The display of execution duration hours is incorrect after 30 minutes
  • 52: Column names having spaces or special characters does not work with Oracle

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