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Seal Report 3.4

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5 years ago


  • Performance enhancements when loading the Repository for the first
    report execution or edition: Implementation of the static Repository Server.
  • Support of browser without Cookies.
    Requires <sessionState cookieless="AutoDetect"> in the web.config.
  • Debug Mode can be enabled to trace all the Web Report Server calls in the Event Viewer.
    Requires <add key="DebugMode" value="true" /> in the web.config <appSettings> section.
  • Web Report Server: Responsive design for navigation from mobile device.
  • Report output: New option for custom parameters and CSS values.
  • For report view, "Use custom configuration" is not supported anymore.

Issues Addressed in 3.4:

  • 099: Report Designer: Custom parameters for output can only be overwritten if they have not the
    default value defined for the parameter.
  • 100: Seal Web Interface: The interface SWExecuteReportToResult() generates hyperlinks for images.
  • 101: The state of the data tables displayed (sort, pagination, etc.) may be incorrect after a report execution.

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