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Seal Report 3.3

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5 years ago


  • Data Source: Sort by Name is available per element category.
  • Report Designer: An element can have a custom enum list for special sort or display.
  • Server Configuration: New Property 'Report Creation Script'.
  • New report sample: '34-Task Generate several Report Results'
  • New Model View NVD3 parameter 'Add Points with Null' (true by default) to remove empty points in charts.
  • New 'Open HTML' View template to insert custom HTML or processing during rendering.
  • New Report View Parameter 'Auto-Refresh (seconds)' to re-execute automatically the report.
  • New Report View Parameter 'Load all Models' to force the load of all models during execution.
  • New 'ThisQuarter' date time keyword for restrictions.
  • Web Report Designer: New options to hide summary, page table or main table.
  • Web Report Designer: Calculation options can be edited.
  • The new property Report.OtherResultFilePath can be used in a custom view template to
    specify another report result.

Issues Addressed in 3.3:

  • 92: Joins are auto-created when a column is added from catalog.
  • 93: Web Report Designer: Using IE, filter on restriction values does not work.
  • 94: Optimization of the SQL built to resolve complex joins. Joins preferences were not used in this case.
  • 95: Option 'Invert Data Table' does not work when viewing a result in HTML, PDF or Excel.
  • 96: Copying an enumerated list raises an unexpected exception.
  • 97: Report Designer: View custom template text is lost when edited again without modification.
  • 98: CSV Model raises an exception if the model has a Microsoft Chart defined.

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