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Seal Report 3.2.3

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6 years ago


  • Web Report Designer: Aggregate for restrictions can be edited.


  • Web Report Designer: Chart sort options can be edited.
  • Server Manager: Enhancement of the security groups summary.


  • Web Report Server Security, the folder right can have the following values:
    No right,
    Execute reports / View Files,
    Execute reports and outputs / View Files,
    Edit schedules / View Files,
    Edit reports / Manage Files
    In addition, a flag "Files only" can be specified to dedicate the folder to report result publication.
  • Web Report Server: New personal folder right on Security Group to allow only result publication.
  • Web Report Server: New properties to control the publication of the report views
    and outputs in the Web Report Server:
    View: 'Web Execution'
    Output: 'Public Execution', 'Public Edition'
  • Web Report Designer: Multiple schedules can be edited.
  • Web Report Designer: The security can be defined on Devices.
  • Update of the libraries of the PDF And Excel Converter:
    Version 14.0 for PDF and 7.0 for Excel
  • Norwegian translations and calendar (Thanks to Stigh Aarstein)
  • Rework of the CSS of the restrictions (seal.css).
  • Report.cshtml includes 2 files that can be used to customize globally CSS or JavaScript:
    custom.css (must be located in the 'Views\Content' folder)
    custom.js (must be located in the 'Views\Scripts' folder)

Issues Addressed in 3.2.3:

  • 89: Report layout is incorrect when the report title is too long
  • 90: Sub-reports identifiers are included in the select clause even if the element is an aggregate (Data).
  • 91: Some Views properties (like 'Additional JavaScript') cannot be edited.

Issues Addressed in 3.2.2:

  • 87: Date Time format for restrictions may not work when time is used.
  • 88: Web Report Server: Invalid user name or password appears on Login screen.

Issues Addressed in 3.2.1:

  • 85: In total cells, the Count and Average aggregates counts also NULL values.
  • 86: The Web Report Server does not clean-up old temporary files.

Issues Addressed in 3.2:

  • 83: The Excel converter may not format date elements as expected.
  • 84: Web Report Server: Buttons for managing files can always be clicked.

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