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Migration Information

See migration path for instructions how to migrate to a major version. Pay attention to the following version breaks due to dynamic settings updates:

  1. Migrate to Sonoff-Tasmota 3.9.x
  2. Migrate to Sonoff-Tasmota 4.x
  3. Migrate to Sonoff-Tasmota 5.14
  4. Migrate to Sonoff-Tasmota 6.7.1 (
  5. Migrate to Tasmota 7.2.0 (

--- Major change in parameter storage layout ---

  1. Migrate to Tasmota 8.5.1 (

--- Major change in internal GPIO function representation ---

  1. Migrate to Tasmota 9.1 (

While fallback or downgrading is common practice it was never supported due to Settings additions or changes in newer releases. Starting with release v9.1.0 Imogen the internal GPIO function representation has changed in such a way that fallback is only possible to the latest GPIO configuration before installing v9.1.0.

Supported Core versions

This release will be supported from ESP8266/Arduino library Core version due to reported security and stability issues on previous Core version. This will also support gzipped binaries.

Support of Core versions before 2.7.1 has been removed.

Support of TLS

In addition to TLS using fingerprints now also user supplied CA certs and AWS IoT is supported. Read full documentation

Initial configuration tools

For initial configuration this release supports Webserver based WifiManager or Serial based command interface only. Support for WPS and SmartConfig has been removed.

Provided Binary Downloads

The following binary downloads have been compiled with ESP8266/Arduino library core version

  • tasmota.bin = The Tasmota version with most drivers. RECOMMENDED RELEASE BINARY
  • tasmota-BG.bin to tasmota-TW.bin = The Tasmota version in different languages.
  • tasmota-lite.bin = The Lite version without most drivers and sensors.
  • tasmota-knx.bin = The Knx version without some features but adds KNX support.
  • tasmota-sensors.bin = The Sensors version adds more useful sensors.
  • tasmota-ir = The InfraRed Receiver and transmitter version allowing all available protocols provided by library IRremoteESP8266 but without most other features.
  • tasmota-display.bin = The Display version without Energy Monitoring but adds display support.
  • tasmota-zbbridge.bin = The dedicated Sonoff Zigbee Bridge version.
  • tasmota-minimal.bin = The Minimal version allows intermediate OTA uploads to support larger versions and does NOT change any persistent parameter. This version should NOT be used for initial installation.

The attached binaries can also be downloaded from for ESP8266 or for ESP32. The links can be used for OTA upgrades too like OtaUrl

List of embedded modules.

Complete list of available feature and sensors.

Changelog v9.2.0 Julie


  • Command SetOption115 1 to enable ESP32 MiBle
  • Command SetOption116 1 to disable auto-query of zigbee light devices (avoids network storms with large groups)
  • Command SetOption117 1 for light fading to be fixed duration instead of fixed slew rate #10109
  • Command RfProtocol to control RcSwitch receive protocols by BBBits #10063
  • Commands TuyaRGB, TuyaEnum and TuyaEnumList #9769
  • Zigbee command ZbInfo and prepare support for EEPROM
  • Zigbee command ZbLeave to unpair a device
  • Zigbee support for Mi Door and Contact #9759
  • Zigbee alarm persistence #9785
  • Zigbee persistence of device/sensor data in EEPROM (only ZBBridge)
  • Zigbee better support for Tuya Protocol #10074
  • Zigbee visual map of network
  • TyuaMcu update 2/3 by Federico Leoni #10004
  • Support for additional EZO sensors by Christopher Tremblay
  • Support for AS608 optical and R503 capacitive fingerprint sensor
  • Support for Shelly Dimmer 1 and 2 by James Turton #9854
  • Support for common anode sevenseg displays by adding #define USE_DISPLAY_SEVENSEG_COMMON_ANODE by Ken Sanislo #9963
  • Support for multiple WeMo devices by Magic73 #9208
  • Support for SPI connected MFRC522 13.56MHz rfid card reader #9916
  • Support ESP32 SPIFFS for internal use
  • KNX read reply for Power (#9236, #9891)
  • Fallback NTP server from if no ntpservers are configured
  • Optional CCloader support for CC25xx Zigbee or CC26xx BLE by Christian Baars #9970
  • Letsencrypt R3 in addition to X3 CA #10086

Breaking Changed

  • KNX DPT9 (16-bit float) to DPT14 (32-bit float) by Adrian Scillato #9811 #9888


  • Core library from v2.7.4.5 to v2.7.4.9
  • IRremoteESP8266 library from v2.7.12 to v2.7.13
  • Shelly Dimmer 1 and 2 stm32 firmware from v51.4 to v51.5
  • mDNS has been disabled from all pre-compiled binaries to allow new features
  • Sonoff L1 color up scaling and color margin detection #9545
  • MQTT Wifi connection timeout from 5000 to 200 mSec #9886
  • Force bigger Thunk Stack if 4K RSA even without EC ciphers #10075


  • Command gpio using non-indexed functions regression from v9.1.0 #9962
  • NTP fallback server functionality #9739
  • Telegram group chatid not supported #9831
  • KNX buttons, switches and sensors detection regression from v9.1.0 #9811
  • KNX ESP32 UDP mulicastpackage #9811
  • GUI MqttUser and MqttPassword updates when TLS is compiled in #9825
  • ESP32 TasmotaClient firmware upgrade #9218
  • Reset to defaults after 6 hours of DeepSleep #9993
  • Backlog timing wraparound #9995
  • First LED in addressable string does not fade when using scheme #10088
  • Improved Opentherm error handling #10055
  • Shutter motordelay stop issue #10033
  • Shutter fix overflow on runtime over 100 seconds #9800
  • ESP32 CC2530 heap corruption #10121
  • ESP32 Analog input div10 rule trigger #10149

Fixed Backported

  • Shutter stop issue #10170
  • Scripter script_sub_command #10181
  • Scripter JSON variable above 32 chars #10193
  • Shelly Dimmer power on state #10182
  • Wemo emulation for single devices #10194
  • ESP32 LoadStoreError when using #define USER_TEMPLATE #9506
  • Compile error when #ifdef USE_IR_RECEIVE is disabled regression from


  • Version compatibility check
  • PN532 define USE_PN532_CAUSE_EVENTS replaced by generic rule trigger on pn532#uid=
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