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Migration Information

See migration path for instructions how to migrate to a major version. Pay attention to the following version breaks due to dynamic settings updates:

  1. Migrate to Sonoff-Tasmota 3.9.x
  2. Migrate to Sonoff-Tasmota 4.x
  3. Migrate to Sonoff-Tasmota 5.14
  4. Migrate to Sonoff-Tasmota 6.x
  5. Migrate to Tasmota 7.x

--- Major change in parameter storage layout ---

  1. Migrate to Tasmota 8.1
  2. Migrate to Tasmota 8.x

While fallback or downgrading is common practice it was never supported due to Settings additions or changes in newer releases. Starting with release v8.1.0 Doris the Settings are re-allocated in such a way that fallback is only allowed and possible to release v7.2.0 Constance. Once at v7.2.0 you're on your own when downgrading even further.

Supported Core versions

This release will be supported from ESP8266/Arduino library Core version due to reported security and stability issues on previous Core version. This will also support gzipped binaries.

Support of Core versions before 2.7.1 has been removed.

Support of TLS

To save resources when TLS is enabled mDNS needs to be disabled. In addition to TLS using fingerprints now also user supplied CA certs and AWS IoT is supported. Read full documentation

Initial configuration tools

For initial configuration this release supports Webserver based WifiManager or Serial based command interface only. Support for WPS and SmartConfig has been removed.

Provided Binary Downloads

The following binary downloads have been compiled with ESP8266/Arduino library core version

  • tasmota.bin = The Tasmota version with most drivers. RECOMMENDED RELEASE BINARY
  • tasmota-BG.bin to tasmota-TW.bin = The Tasmota version in different languages.
  • tasmota-lite.bin = The Lite version without most drivers and sensors.
  • tasmota-knx.bin = The Knx version without some features but adds KNX support.
  • tasmota-sensors.bin = The Sensors version adds more useful sensors.
  • tasmota-ir = The InfraRed Receiver and transmitter version allowing all available protocols provided by library IRremoteESP8266 but without most other features.
  • tasmota-display.bin = The Display version without Energy Monitoring but adds display support.
  • tasmota-zbbridge.bin = The dedicated Sonoff Zigbee Bridge version.
  • tasmota-minimal.bin = The Minimal version allows intermediate OTA uploads to support larger versions and does NOT change any persistent parameter. This version should NOT be used for initial installation.

The attached binaries can also be downloaded from for ESP8266 or for ESP32. The links can be used for OTA upgrades too like OtaUrl

List of embedded modules.

Complete list of available feature and sensors.


Version 8.5.1 Hannah

  • Fix energy total counters (#9263, #9266)
  • Fix crash in ZbRestore
  • Fix reset BMP sensors when executing command SaveData and define USE_DEEPSLEEP enabled (#9300)
  • Fix status 0 message when using define USE_MQTT_TLS due to small log buffer (#9305)
  • Fix status 13 exception 9 when more than one shutter is configured
  • Fix status 13 json message
  • Fix Shelly 2.5 higher temperature regression from (#7991)
  • Change replace ArduinoJson with JSMN for JSON parsing
  • Change WakeUp uses 256 steps instead of 100 (#9241)
  • Add command SetOption110 1 to disable Zigbee auto-config when pairing new devices
  • Add command SetOption111 1 to enable frequency output for buzzer GPIO (#8994)
  • Add command SetOption112 1 to enable friendly name in zigbee topic (use with SetOption89)
  • Add #define USE_MQTT_AWS_IOT_LIGHT for password based AWS IoT authentication
  • Add #define MQTT_LWT_OFFLINE and #define MQTT_LWT_ONLINE to user_config.h (#9395)
  • Add new shutter modes (#9244)
  • Add Zigbee auto-config when pairing
  • Add support for MLX90640 IR array temperature sensor by Christian Baars
  • Add support for VL53L1X time of flight sensor by Johann Obermeier
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