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Migration Information

See migration path for instructions how to migrate to a major version. Pay attention to the following version breaks due to dynamic settings updates:

  1. Migrate to Sonoff-Tasmota 3.9.x
  2. Migrate to Sonoff-Tasmota 4.x
  3. Migrate to Sonoff-Tasmota 5.14
  4. Migrate to Sonoff-Tasmota 6.x
  5. Migrate to Tasmota 7.x

--- Major change in parameter storage layout ---

  1. Migrate to Tasmota 8.1
  2. Migrate to Tasmota 8.x

While fallback or downgrading is common practice it was never supported due to Settings additions or changes in newer releases. Starting with release v8.1.0 Doris the Settings are re-allocated in such a way that fallback is only allowed and possible to release v7.2.0 Constance. Once at v7.2.0 you're on your own when downgrading even further.

Supported Core versions

This release will be supported from ESP8266/Arduino library Core version due to reported security and stability issues on previous Core version. This will also support gzipped binaries.

Support of Core versions before 2.7.1 has been removed.

Support of TLS

To save resources when TLS is enabled mDNS needs to be disabled. In addition to TLS using fingerprints now also user supplied CA certs and AWS IoT is supported. Read full documentation

Initial configuration tools

For initial configuration this release supports Webserver based WifiManager or Serial based command interface only. Support for WPS and SmartConfig has been removed.

Provided Binary Downloads

The following binary downloads have been compiled with ESP8266/Arduino library core version

  • tasmota.bin = The Tasmota version with most drivers. RECOMMENDED RELEASE BINARY
  • tasmota-BG.bin to tasmota-TW.bin = The Tasmota version in different languages.
  • tasmota-lite.bin = The Lite version without most drivers and sensors.
  • tasmota-knx.bin = The Knx version without some features but adds KNX support.
  • tasmota-sensors.bin = The Sensors version adds more useful sensors.
  • tasmota-ir = The InfraRed Receiver and transmitter version allowing all available protocols provided by library IRremoteESP8266 but without most other features.
  • tasmota-display.bin = The Display version without Energy Monitoring but adds display support.
  • tasmota-zbbridge.bin = The dedicated Sonoff Zigbee Bridge version.
  • tasmota-minimal.bin = The Minimal version allows intermediate OTA uploads to support larger versions and does NOT change any persistent parameter. This version should NOT be used for initial installation.

List of embedded modules.

Complete list of available feature and sensors.


Version 8.4.0 George

  • Remove Arduino ESP8266 Core support for versions before 2.7.1
  • Change to limited support of Arduino IDE as an increasing amount of features cannot be compiled with Arduino IDE
  • Change IRRemoteESP8266 library from v2.7.6 to v2.7.8.10, fixing Samsung and Pioneer protocols (#8938)
  • Change Adafruit_SGP30 library from v1.0.3 to v1.2.0 (#8519)
  • Change Energy JSON Total field from "Total":[33.736,11.717,16.978] to "Total":33.736,"TotalTariff":[11.717,16.978]
  • Change Energy JSON ExportActive field from "ExportActive":[33.736,11.717,16.978] to "ExportActive":33.736,"ExportTariff":[11.717,16.978]
  • Change ESP32 USER GPIO template representation decreasing template message size
  • Change commands SlaveSend and SlaveReset into ClientSend and ClientReset
  • Change all timer references from Arm to Enable in GUI, Timer command and JSON message
  • Change Domoticz commands prefix from Domoticz to Dz
  • Change Zigbee randomizing of parameters at first run or after Reset
  • Fix escape of non-JSON received serial data (#8329)
  • Fix exception or watchdog on rule re-entry (#8757)
  • Add command Rule0 to change global rule parameters
  • Add command Time 4 to display timestamp using milliseconds (#8537)
  • Add command SetOption94 0/1 to select MAX31855 or MAX6675 thermocouple support (#8616)
  • Add command SetOption97 0/1 to switch between Tuya serial speeds 9600 bps (0) or 115200 bps (1)
  • Add command SetOption98 0/1 to provide rotary rule triggers (1) instead of controlling light (0)
  • Add command SetOption99 0/1 to enable zero cross detection on PWM dimmer
  • Add command SetOption100 0/1 to remove Zigbee ZbReceived value from {"ZbReceived":{xxx:yyy}} JSON message
  • Add command SetOption101 0/1 to add the Zigbee source endpoint as suffix to attributes, ex Power3 instead of Power if sent from endpoint 3
  • Add command DzSend<type> <index>,<value1(;value2)|state> to send values or state to Domoticz
  • Add command Module2 to configure fallback module on fast reboot (#8464)
  • Add command (S)SerialSend6 <comma seperated values> (#8937)
  • Add commands LedPwmOn 0..255, LedPwmOff 0..255 and LedPwmMode1 0/1 to control led brightness by George (#8491)
  • Add ESP32 ethernet commands EthType 0/1, EthAddress 0..31 and EthClockMode 0..3
  • Add more functionality to command Switchmode 11 and 12 (#8450)
  • Add rule trigger System#Init to allow early rule execution without wifi and mqtt initialized yet
  • Add support for unique MQTTClient (and inherited fallback topic) by full Mac address using mqttclient DVES_%12X (#8300)
  • Add wildcard pattern ? for JSON matching in rules
  • Add Three Phase Export Active Energy to SDM630 driver
  • Add Zigbee options to ZbSend to write and report attributes
  • Add Zigbee auto-responder for common attributes
  • Add CpuFrequency to status 2
  • Add FlashFrequency to status 4
  • Add compile time interlock parameters (#8759)
  • Add compile time user template (#8766)
  • Add support for VEML6075 UVA/UVB/UVINDEX Sensor by device111 (#8432)
  • Add support for VEML7700 Ambient light intensity Sensor by device111 (#8432)
  • Add support for up to two BH1750 sensors controlled by commands BH1750Resolution and BH1750MTime (#8139)
  • Add support for up to eight MCP9808 temperature sensors by device111 (#8594)
  • Add support for BL0940 energy monitor as used in Blitzwolf BW-SHP10 (#8175)
  • Add support for Telegram bot (#8619)
  • Add support for HP303B Temperature and Pressure sensor by Robert Jaakke (#8638)
  • Add support for Energy sensor (Denky) for French Smart Metering meter provided by global Energy Providers, need a adaptater. See dedicated full blog about French teleinformation stuff
  • Add support for ESP32 ethernet adding commands Wifi 0/1 and Ethernet 0/1 both default ON
  • Add support for single wire LMT01 temperature Sensor by justifiably (#8713)
  • Add support for rotary encoder as light dimmer and optional color temperature if button1 still pressed (#8670)
  • Add support for switches/relays using an AC detection circuitry e.g. MOES MS-104B or BlitzWolf SS5 (#8606)
  • Add support for Schneider Electric iEM3000 series Modbus energy meter by Marius Bezuidenhout
  • Add support for Sonoff Zigbee Bridge as module 75 (#8583)
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