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PKHeX-Plugins RC 21.11.27

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16 months ago

Brilliant Diamond / Shining Pearl Release

NOTE: Using LiveHeX with this version of PKHeX-Plugins will require you to use the latest sys-botbase (thanks to @berichan for providing this update that includes peekAbsoluteMulti) or USB-Botbase.

This release has been hotpatched to 8042e6d, which supports 1.1.2.

Release Notes

  • Added Auto Legality support for BDSP
  • Added BDSP support to LiveHeX -- thanks @kwsch , @Lusamine , @hp3721 , @Abyzab for bug testing and suggesting features / improvements
  • Added LiveHeX Blocks support to live edit BDSP Items, Underground Items, Trainer Details and Day Care
  • Greatly improved pointer reads within LiveHeX
  • Holding Ctrl while clicking Copy Address will give you details about the address such as Absolute Address, Heap Relative Address, Heap Base
  • Added options to read and edit offsets relative to Heap / Main / Absolute in LiveHeX
  • Added Auto Refresh as an option to view RAM changes live in LiveHeX RAM Edit window. (Note: In this state LiveHeX will set the RAM window to read-only mode)
  • Added a dropdown in LiveHeX to copy Integers from the RAM (reversed endian order) instead of the bytes. This should help with easy copy pastes of pointers in the RAM (Thanks @Abyzab for suggesting)
  • Added handling for Roamer RNG as well as Egg RNG that is present in BDSP
  • Fixed Incorrect pointer reads because of double brackets and repeating numbers
  • A list of all changes can be found here

How to use the plugins

  • See the Installation Guide for all the methods to install.
  • Go to Tools > Auto Legality Mod.
  • See the Wiki for more guides and customization options.

NOTE: Plugins do not work with merged PKHeX builds with UNSAFEDLL flag disabled.

Discord Link

Discord server is for suggestions, bug reports and general discussion! Feel free to drop by. It is also a great way to get in direct contact with us!

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