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PKHeX-Plugins RC 20.06.19

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2 years ago

In light of the recent events, the logo for PKHeX-Plugins has been changed to black for this release to show solidarity with the black members of our Pokemon community. Black Lives Matter. (Thanks @Lusamine and @GriffinG1 for helping me out with this)

Release Notes

  • Isle of Armor (DLC 1) support
  • Add support for slowpoke-galar (Pre-DLC save files)
  • Add RAM editor to LiveHeX
  • Add Ball: and Shiny: <Square/Star> fields to custom showdown template (RegenTemplate)
  • Add localizations (Thanks to Red for implementing this and everyone who contributed to language translations)
  • Add easter eggs :P
  • Add a method to check legality of several sets in a multiple text files for debugging purposes
  • Fix smogon genning (cases of move duplication)
  • Fix natures not being applied properly (Thanks Red 火from discord)
  • Fix encounter trade IVs
  • Fix anti-shiny transfer cases
  • Fix settings persistence
  • Fix down-leveled raids
  • Fix Necrozma bugs
  • Fix issues with Living Dex
  • Disallow invalid species from generating
  • Improve speed for fixed PID encounters
  • A list of all changes can be found here

How to use the plugins

  • Extract the release zip in the same directory as PKHeX.
  • Start PKHeX
  • Go to Tools > Auto Legality Mod
  • Enjoy

Thanks to all the people who helped translate the program

NOTE: Plugins do not work with merged PKHeX builds with UNSAFEDLL flag disabled

Discord Link

Discord server is for suggestions, bug reports and general discussion! Feel free to drop by. It is also a great way to get in direct contact with me :]

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