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PKHeX-Plugins RC 20.03.14

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3 years ago

LiveHeX Usage Instructions can be found here (Thanks Anubis for the write-up)

Release Notes

  • Living Dex fixes for PP and fainted PKM (Thanks @Bappsack and @jeune1er )
  • LiveHeX save most recently used IP as default IP (Thanks @Bappsack)
  • Fixes for Pokemon HOME tracker
  • Fix issues with event OT histories
  • Fix 0 stats and HP Pokemon being generated via LiveHeX
  • Properly fix stat nature after Raid Generation (Thanks @Lusamine)
  • Fix smogon imports due to changes to the smogon forum page src (Thanks Mattbrot_jules on discord)
  • Fix edge cases that arise due to applying aesthetics too soon.
  • Fix cases where no move is provided (will default to encounter moves) (Thanks to the numerous SysBot.NET crashes)
  • Fix cases where invalid genders are provided as a showdown set (Thanks to the numerous SysBot.NET crashes)
  • Fix A2 encounter handling
  • Add settings to prioritize events
  • Add settings to disable bruteforce
  • Add legalization support for CHANNEL Jirachi as well as old gen Safari encounters.
  • Set nature similar to the provided nature if possible (As requested by several people)
  • Speed up generation of Pokemon through API Legality by eliminating unnecessary encounters
  • A list of all changes can be found here

How to use the plugins

  • Extract the release zip in the same directory as PKHeX.
  • Start PKHeX
  • Go to Tools > Auto Legality Mod
  • Enjoy

NOTE: Plugins do not work with merged PKHeX builds with UNSAFEDLL flag disabled

Discord Link

Discord server is for suggestions, bug reports and general discussion! Feel free to drop by. It is also a great way to get in direct contact with me :]


Patched the release with 2 critical commits.

  • Fixed the issue with natures not importing properly (Thanks Red 火 on discord)
  • Improved smogon genning

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