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PKHeX-Plugins RC 20.02.08

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3 years ago

LiveHeX Usage Instructions can be found here (Thanks Anubis for the write-up)

Release Notes

  • Added LiveHeX as a plugin.
  • Added some documentation to the code
  • Fix incorrect abilities being set on non HA Raid pokemon
  • Disable nature check for raids since stat nature is already applied prior
  • Apply raid logic to all nest types (8N, 8ND, 8NC)
  • Split off QRPlugins into its own separate DLL. Its an optional DLL.
  • Gender fixes for meowstic and indeedee imports
  • Cosmetic form set importing fixed for majority of the cosmetic forms
  • Fix handling trainer data being set for multi imports (Thanks @Lusamine)
  • A list of all changes can be found here


  • Add CHANNEL Jirachi RNG (in the works, thanks to @Admiral-Fish )
  • Some edge case Pokemon fixes (Im sure @Lusamine has an infinite supply of those)

How to use the plugins

  • Extract the release zip in the same directory as PKHeX.
  • Start PKHeX
  • Go to Tools > Auto Legality Mod
  • Enjoy

NOTE: Plugins do not work with merged PKHeX builds with UNSAFEDLL flag disabled

Discord Link

Discord server is for suggestions, bug reports and general discussion! Feel free to drop by. It is also a great way to get in direct contact with me :]

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