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PKHeX-Plugins RC 20.01.26 (Anubis Edition)

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3 years ago

Naming this release Anubis Edition because almost all of the bug fixes done here are attributed to Anubis (@Lusamine) for pointing out hundreds of bugs with the mod and for being extremely helpful with testing my code as well as suggesting new features. Honestly, I wouldnt have expected anyone to spend so much time testing with me, but they did it anyway. Thank you so much. This release is dedicated to you! n_n

Release Notes

  • Based on PKHeX Auto Legality Mod
  • Fix Gen 5 PIDs being incorrectly set for the ability number (thanks @Lusamine)
  • Fix GameVersion ordering when generating encounters. Should generate highest generation first now.
  • Fix incorrect natures on older gen (<=4 ) pokemon! (thanks @Lusamine)
  • Fix a small bug with the return URL for GPSS upload
  • Fix a hang during Method 1 roamer genning with HP fighting (impossible to generate) (thanks @Lusamine and @kwsch )
  • Fix egg based events like Ranger Manaphy (thanks @Lusamine)
  • Fix COLO/XD versioning
  • Fix COLO/XD generation (PID) (thanks @Lusamine)
  • Fix Shiny egg trade handling for older gens
  • Fix fallback trainerdata (thanks @Lusamine)
  • Fix shiny behaviour for already shiny PKM (eventencounters) and encountereggs
  • Fix lower level transfers for specific older gen encounters which need to be transferred at a specific level. (Thanks @Lusamine)
  • Fix Ability checks (added an ability preference) (Thanks @Lusamine)
  • Fix PCD PID handling
  • Fix older gen milotic imports (evolutioncriteria is based on beauty) (Thanks @Lusamine)
  • Fix MGDB refresh database (Thanks @Alexisdcs94 on my discord )
  • Fix Hypertraining and add competitive pokemon edge cases (Thanks @Lusamine and Lord Emvee and PokeaimMD from YouTube)
  • Fix xoroshiro IV allocation (Thanks @Lusamine)
  • Fix xoroshiro height and weight (Thanks @Rino6357, @crzyc, @Lusamine and @kwsch )
  • Add toxtricity raid handling
  • Add pokespot and pokewalker RNG handling (Thanks @Lusamine)
  • Add automatic bad nickname handling (Thanks @Lusamine)
  • Add invalid forme and invalid item handling (Thanks @Lusamine)
  • Add shiny pokemon matching ball handling.
  • Add form argument Handling
  • Add a setting to disable xoroshiro if not needed
  • Add a setting to toggle marking schemes
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • A list of all changes can be found here


  • Add CHANNEL Jirachi RNG (in the works, thanks to @Admiral-Fish )
  • Some edge case Pokemon fixes (Im sure @Lusamine has an infinite supply of those)

How to use the plugins

  • Extract the release zip in the same directory as PKHeX.
  • Start PKHeX
  • Go to Tools > Auto Legality Mod
  • Enjoy

NOTE: Plugins do not work with merged PKHeX builds with UNSAFEDLL flag disabled

Discord Link

Discord server is for suggestions, bug reports and general discussion! Feel free to drop by. It is also a great way to get in direct contact with me :]

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