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27 packages have been added!

#4377 Percona-Lab/mysql_random_data_load: MySQL random data loader
#4389 Rigellute/spotify-tui: Spotify for the terminal written in Rust
#4397 andreazorzetto/yh: YAML syntax highlighter to bring colours to kubectl output
#4396 asciimoo/wuzz: Interactive cli tool for HTTP inspection
#4398 bridgecrewio/yor: Extensible auto-tagger for your IaC files. The ultimate way to link entities in the cloud back to the codified resource which created it
#4375 cantino/mcfly: Fly through your shell history. Great Scott
#4390 cea-hpc/sshproxy: Proxy SSH connections on a gateway
#4383 chmln/sd: Intuitive find & replace CLI (sed alternative)
#4380 dalance/procs: A modern replacement for ps written in Rust
#4373 danielfoehrKn/kubeswitch: The kubectx for operators
#4399 dolthub/dolt: Dolt – It's Git for Data
#4395 dwisiswant0/tlder: TLDs finder — check domain name availability across all valid top-level domains
#4374 fabpot/local-php-security-checker: PHP security vulnerabilities checker
#4391 joehillen/sysz: An fzf terminal UI for systemctl
#4376 johnkerl/miller: Miller is like awk, sed, cut, join, and sort for name-indexed data such as CSV, TSV, and tabular JSON
#4393 kitabisa/teler: Real-time HTTP Intrusion Detection
#4384 ko1nksm/shdotenv: dotenv for shells with support for POSIX-compliant and multiple .env file syntax
#4387 maaslalani/slides: Terminal based presentation tool
#4385 msoap/shell2http: Executing shell commands via HTTP server
#4378 o2sh/onefetch: Git repository summary on your terminal
#4400 optiv/Mangle: Mangle is a tool that manipulates aspects of compiled executables (.exe or DLL) to avoid detection from EDRs
#4379 pacedotdev/oto: Go driven rpc code generation tool for right now
#4382 phiresky/ripgrep-all: rga: ripgrep, but also search in PDFs, E-Books, Office documents, zip, tar.gz, etc
#4381 planetscale/cli: The CLI for PlanetScale Database
#4394 pulumi/tf2pulumi: A tool to convert Terraform projects to Pulumi TypeScript programs
#4386 shipyard-run/shipyard: Modern cloud native development environments
#4392 taskctl/taskctl: Concurrent task runner, developer's routine tasks automation toolkit. Simple modern alternative to GNU Make

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