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🎉 New Packages

#3951 @ponkio-o fujiwara/tfstate-lookup: Lookup resource attributes in tfstate
#3950 @4513ECHO mgdm/htmlq: Like jq, but for HTML
#3950 @4513ECHO microsoft/ripgrep-prebuilt: Builds ripgrep on Azure Pipelines for multiple platforms and makes the binaries available as Github releases
#3950 @4513ECHO pen-lang/pen: The programming language for scalable software development
#3949 @4513ECHO sheepla/longgopher: ʕ◉ϖ◉ʔ loooooooooooooooooooooong gopher
#3949 @4513ECHO sheepla/pingu: ping command but with pingu
#3949 @4513ECHO sheepla/srss: A command line RSS/ATOM/JSON feed reader

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