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🎉 New Packages

#3703 #3706 hashicorp/terraform-plugin-docs: Generate and validate Terraform plugin/provider documentation
#3715 livebud/bud: The Full-Stack Web Framework for Go
#3673 MusicDin/kubitect: Kubitect provides a simple way to set up a highly available Kubernetes cluster across multiple hosts
#3672 uw-labs/strongbox: Encryption for git users
#3712 vmware-tanzu/octant: Highly extensible platform for developers to better understand the complexity of Kubernetes clusters
#3670 #3671 yohamta/dagu: A No-code workflow executor with built-in web UI
#3702 #3705 zix99/rare: Realtime regex-extraction and aggregation into common formats such as histograms, bar graphs, numerical summaries, tables, and more

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