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Release v1.9.20 🌈

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14 days ago

What's new?

🚀 Features

  • Our auto layout editor is now GA! (#23005)
  • Worried about writing SQL in Appsmith? Our SQL auto-complete has got you covered (#22827)
  • Appsmith now cleans up your instance logs every 7 days (#23084)
  • The SMTP integration now allows you to choose between plain-text and HTML content (#22749) (#23078)
  • A bundle full of optimization and first load improvements! (#21667)

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Forking an application does not copy your credentials anymore (#22390)
  • Fixed a bug with action selector fields not showing evaluated values (#23099)
  • Improved testability of the Snowflake integration (#23270)
  • Fixed a bug with showing application name in the browser tab when using sidebar navigation (#23066)
  • Removed resize borders in preview mode for modals (#23086)
  • Fixed a bug with restoring snapshots of git connected applications (#23096)
  • Disabled opening the debugger during onboarding (#23077)

👀 Sneak Peek (Business edition only)

  • Introduced an option to enable only a single active session per user at any given time
  • Fixed a bug with embedded apps not triggering SSO
  • Added an audit log event on updating workspace role of a member

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