github apprenticeharper/DeDRM_tools 7.0.0b4

More Python 3 fixes.

  • Help in the configuration dialog should now work. But some of the Help files themselves will need updating
  • More improvements to Kindle decryption in the handling of PIDs
  • Some fixes for key handling for PDFs

Still lots to be done.
If your setup is working OK with 7.0.0b3, carry on with that for now.
If you don't already have 7.0.0b3 or are having problems with 7.0.0b3, give this a go.


(The first version of 7.0.0b4 accidentally included some zip files that weren't needed. The extra files wouldn't do anything, but here's an archive without them.)

latest releases: v7.2.1, v7.2.0, v7.1.0...
pre-release10 months ago