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CUPS 2.3b8 is now available for download. This is the eighth beta of the CUPS 2.3 series which adopts the new CUPS license, adds support for IPP presets and finishing templates, and fixes a number of bugs and "polish" issues. This beta also includes the new ippeveprinter utility. Changes include:

  • Media size matching now uses a tolerance of 0.5mm (rdar://33822024)
  • The lpadmin command would hang with a bad PPD file (rdar://41495016)
  • Fixed a potential crash bug in cups-driverd (rdar://46625579)
  • Fixed a performance regression with large PPDs (rdar://47040759)
  • Fixed a memory reallocation bug in HTTP header value expansion
  • Timed out job submission now yields an error (Issue #5570)
  • Restored minimal support for the Emulators keyword in PPD files to allow
    old Samsung printer drivers to continue to work (Issue #5562)
  • The scheduler did not encode octetString values like "job-password" correctly
    for the print filters (Issue #5558)
  • The cupsCheckDestSupported function did not check octetString values
    correctly (Issue #5557)
  • Added support for UserAgentTokens directive in "client.conf" (Issue #5555)
  • Updated the systemd service file for cupsd (Issue #5551)
  • The ippValidateAttribute function did not catch all instances of invalid
    UTF-8 strings (Issue #5509)
  • Fixed an issue with the self-signed certificates generated by GNU TLS
    (Issue #5506)
  • Fixed a potential memory leak when reading at the end of a file (Issue #5473)
  • Fixed potential unaligned accesses in the string pool (Issue #5474)
  • Fixed a potential memory leak when loading a PPD file (Issue #5475)
  • Added a USB quirks rule for the Lexmark E120n (Issue #5478)
  • Updated the USB quirks rule for Zebra label printers (Issue #5395)
  • Fixed a compile error on Linux (Issue #5483)
  • The lpadmin command, web interface, and scheduler all queried an IPP
    Everywhere printer differently, resulting in different PPDs for the same
    printer (Issue #5484)
  • The web interface no longer provides access to the log files (Issue #5513)
  • Non-Kerberized printing to Windows via IPP was broken (Issue #5515)
  • Eliminated use of private headers and some deprecated macOS APIs (Issue #5516)
  • The scheduler no longer stops a printer if an error occurs when a job is
    canceled or aborted (Issue #5517)
  • Added a USB quirks rule for the DYMO 450 Turbo (Issue #5521)
  • Added a USB quirks rule for Xerox printers (Issue #5523)
  • The scheduler's self-signed certificate did not include all of the alternate
    names for the server when using GNU TLS (Issue #5525)
  • Fixed compiler warnings with newer versions of GCC (Issue #5532, Issue #5533)
  • Fixed some PPD caching and IPP Everywhere PPD accounting/password bugs
    (Issue #5535)
  • Fixed PreserveJobHistory bug with time values (Issue #5538)
  • The scheduler no longer advertises the HTTP methods it supports (Issue #5540)
  • Localization updates (Issue #5461, Issues #5471, Issue #5481, Issue #5486,
    Issue #5489, Issue #5491, Issue #5492, Issue #5493, Issue #5494, Issue #5495,
    Issue #5497, Issue #5499, Issue #5500, Issue #5501, Issue #5504)
  • The scheduler did not always idle exit as quickly as it could.
  • Added a new ippeveprinter command based on the old ippserver sample code.


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