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CUPS 2.3b6 is now available for download. This is the sixth beta of the CUPS 2.3 series which adopts the new CUPS license, adds support for IPP presets and finishing templates, and fixes a number of bugs and “polish” issues. Changes include:

  • Localization update (Issue #5339, Issue #5348, Issue #5362, Issue #5408, Issue #5410)
  • Documentation updates (Issue #5369, Issue #5402, Issue #5403, Issue #5404)
  • CVE-2018-4700: Linux session cookies used a predictable random number seed.
  • All user commands now support the --help option (Issue #5326)
  • The lpoptions command now works with IPP Everywhere printers that have not yet been added as local queues (Issue #5045)
  • The lpadmin command would create a non-working printer in some error cases (Issue #5305)
  • The scheduler would crash if an empty AccessLog directive was specified (Issue #5309)
  • The scheduler did not idle-exit on some Linux distributions (Issue #5319)
  • Fixed a regression in the changes to ippValidateAttribute (Issue #5322, Issue #5330)
  • Fixed a crash bug in the Epson dot matrix driver (Issue #5323)
  • Automatic debug logging of job errors did not work with systemd (Issue #5337)
  • The web interface did not list the IPP Everywhere "driver" (Issue #5338)
  • The scheduler did not report all of the supported job options and values (Issue #5340)
  • The IPP Everywhere "driver" now properly supports face-up printers (Issue #5345)
  • Fixed some typos in the label printer drivers (Issue #5350)
  • Setting the Community name to the empty string in snmp.conf now disables SNMP supply level monitoring by all the standard network backends (Issue #5354)
  • Multi-file jobs could get stuck if the backend failed (Issue #5359, Issue #5413)
  • The IPP Everywhere "driver" no longer does local filtering when printing to a shared CUPS printer (Issue #5361)
  • The lpadmin command now correctly reports IPP errors when configuring an IPP Everywhere printer (Issue #5370)
  • Fixed some memory leaks discovered by Coverity (Issue #5375)
  • The PPD compiler incorrectly terminated JCL options (Issue #5379)
  • The cupstestppd utility did not generate errors for missing/mismatched CloseUI/JCLCloseUI keywords (Issue #5381)
  • The scheduler now reports the actual location of the log file (Issue #5398)
  • Added USB quirk rules (Issue #5395, Issue #5420, Issue #5443)
  • The generated PPD files for IPP Everywhere printers did not contain the cupsManualCopies keyword (Issue #5433)
  • Kerberos credentials might be truncated (Issue #5435)
  • The handling of MaxJobTime 0 did not match the documentation (Issue #5438)
  • Fixed a bug adding a queue with the -E option (Issue #5440)
  • The cupsaddsmb program has been removed (Issue #5449)
  • The cupstestdsc program has been removed (Issue #5450)
  • The scheduler was being backgrounded on macOS, causing applications to spin (rdar://40436080)
  • The scheduler did not validate that required initial request attributes were in the operation group (rdar://41098178)
  • Authentication in the web interface did not work on macOS (rdar://41444473)
  • Fixed an issue with HTTP Digest authentication (rdar://41709086)
  • The scheduler could crash when job history was purged (rdar://42198057)
  • Fixed a crash bug when mapping PPD duplex options to IPP attributes (rdar://46183976)
  • Fixed a memory leak for some IPP (extension) syntaxes.
  • The cupscgi, cupsmime, and cupsppdc support libraries are no longer installed as shared libraries.
  • The snmp backend is now deprecated.


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