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4 years ago

CUPS 2.2.5 is now available from

CUPS 2.2.5 is a general bug fix release. Changes include:

  • The scheduler's -t option did not force all errors to the standard error
    file, making debugging of configuration problems hard (Issue #5041)
  • Fixed a typo in the CUPS Programming Manual (Issue #5042)
  • Fixed RPM packaging issue (Issue #5043, Issue #5044)
  • The cupsGetDests function incorrectly returned an empty list of printers if
    there was no default printer (Issue #5046)
  • The cupsGetDests function waited too long for network printers (Issue #5049)
  • Libtool support was completely broken with current libtool versions that use
    an incompatible command-line syntax (Issue #5050)
  • Fixed a build issue with --enable-mallinfo (Issue #5051)
  • The ippserver test program contained a deadlock issue (Issue #5054)
  • The cupsLocalizeDest* functions did not provide base localizations for
    all registered IPP attributes and values (Issue #5056)
  • The --enable-libtool configure option requires a path to the libtool program,
    but doesn't document or check for it (Issue #5062)
  • Fixed the SSLOptions DenyCBC option when using GNU TLS (Issue #5065)
  • Fixed the ServerTokens None option (Issue #5065)
  • Fixed the default ServerAlias value from ServerName (Issue #5072)
  • Fixed the adminurl field in the TXT record for fully-qualified ServerName
    values (Issue #5074)
  • The scheduler now creates a PID file when not running on demand with a modern
    service launcher (Issue #5080)
  • The web interface did not support newer language identifiers used by Microsoft
    web browsers (Issue #5803)
  • Updated the cups-files.conf and cupsd.conf file documentation for missing
    directives (Issue #5084)
  • Fixed an Avahi-related crash bug in the scheduler (Issue #5085, Issue #5086)
  • Fixed the interactions between the "print-quality" and "cupsPrintQuality"
    options (Issue #5090)
  • The IPP Everywhere PPD generator now sorts the supported resolutions before
    choosing them for draft, normal, and best quality modes (Issue #5091)
  • Fixed the localization unit test on Linux (Issue #5097)
  • The CUPS library did not reuse domain sockets (Issue #5098)
  • Fixed the "make check" target for some environments (Issue #5099)
  • The scheduler woke up once per second to remove old temporary queues
    (Issue #5100)
  • Added USB quirk rule for Kyocera printer (Issue #5102, Issue #5103)
  • Re-documented the limits of file:///... device URIs and moved the FileDevice
    directive in cups-files.conf to the list of deprecated configuration
    directives (Issue #5117)
  • Added USB quirk rule for HP LaserJet 1160 printer (Issue #5121)
  • Fixed the script interpreter detection in the configure script (Issue #5122)
  • The network backends now retry on more error conditions (Issue #5123)
  • Added a French translation of the web interface (Issue #5134)
  • cupsGetDests2 was not using the supplied HTTP connection (Issue #5135)
  • httpAddrConnect leaked sockets in certain circumstances, causing some
    printers to hang (rdar://31965686)
  • Fixed an issue with Chinese localizations on macOS (rdar://32419311)
  • The IPP backend now always sends the "finishings" attribute for printers that
    support it because otherwise the client cannot override printer defaults
  • The cupsGetNamedDest function did not use the local default printer
  • The IPP backend incorrectly sent the "job-pages-per-set" attribute to PDF
    printers (rdar://33250434)
  • Fixed the cups.strings file that is used on macOS (rdar://33287650)
  • CUPS now sends the Date HTTP header in IPP requests (rdar://33302034)
  • The ippCopyAttribute function did not copy out-of-band values correctly
  • Fixed the localization fallback code on macOS (rdar://33583699)
  • The scheduler did not run with a high enough priority, causing problems on
    busy systems (rdar://33789342)
  • Added support for Japanese Kaku 1 envelope size (rdar://34774110)
  • The ipptool program's -P option did not work correctly.
  • The ipptool program did not compare URI scheme or hostname components
    WITH-SCHEME predicates.


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