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5 years ago

CUPS 2.2.4 is now available from:

CUPS 2.2.4 is a general bug fix release. Changes include:

  • The scheduler did not remove old job files (Issue #4987)
  • cupsEnumDests did not return early when all printers had been discovered
    (Issue #4989)
  • The CUPS build system now supports cross-compilation (Issue #4897)
  • Added a new CUPS Programming Manual to replace the aging API documentation.
  • Added the cupsAddIntegerOption and cupsGetIntegerOption functions
    (Issue #4992)
  • The cupsGetDests and cupsCreateJob functions now support Bonjour printers
    (Issue #4993)
  • Added a USB quirk rule for Lexmark E260dn printers (Issue #4994)
  • Fixed a potential buffer overflow in the cupstestppd utility (Issue #4996)
  • IPP Everywhere improvements (Issue #4998)
  • Fixed the "cancel all jobs" function in the web interface for several
    languages (Issue #4999)
  • Fixed issues with local queues (Issue #5003, Issue #5008, Issue #5009)
  • The lpstat command now supports a -e option to enumerate local printers
    (either previously added or on the network) that can be accessed
    (Issue #5005)
  • The lp and lpr commands now support printing to network printers that
    haven't yet been added (Issue #5006)
  • Fixed a typo in the mime.types file.
  • Fixed a bug in the Spanish web interface template (Issue #5016)
  • The cupsEnumDests* and cupsGetDest* functions now report the value of the
    "printer-is-temporary" Printer Status attribute (Issue #5028)
  • Added Chinese localization (Issue #5029)
  • The cupsCheckDestSupported function did not support NULL values
    (Issue #5031)
  • Fixed some issues in the RPM spec file (Issue #5032)
  • The cupsConnectDest function now supports the CUPS_DEST_FLAGS_DEVICE flag
    for explicitly connecting to the device (printer) associated with the
  • The SSLOptions directive in "client.conf" and "cupsd.conf" now supports
    DenyCBC and DenyTLS1.0 options (Issue #5037)

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