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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v2.1b1:

  • Improved speed of ppdMarkDefaults for complex/large PPDs (rdar://problem/15146999)
  • The IPP backend now stops sending print data if the printer indicates the job has been aborted or canceled (rdar://problem/17837631)
  • The IPP backend now sends the job-pages-per-set attribute when printing multiple copy jobs with finishings (rdar://problem/16792757)
  • The IPP backend now updates the cupsMandatory values when the printer configuration changes (rdar://problem/18126570)
  • No longer install banner files since third-party banner filters now supply their own (Issue #4518)
  • Added support for EXPECT-ALL directive in ipptool test files (Issue #4469)
  • Added support for WITH-VALUE-FROM predicate in ipptool test files (Issue #4470)
  • The scheduler no longer listens on the loopback interface unless the web interface or printer sharing are enabled (rdar://problem/9136448)
  • Added a PPD generator for IPP Everywhere printers (Issue #4258)
  • Now install "default" versions of more configuration files (rdar://problem/19024491)
  • The cupstestppd program did not handle "maxsize(nnn)" entries in cupsFilter/cupsFilter2 values (rdar://problem/18974858)
  • The scheduler now checks the return value of rename() calls (Issue #4589)
  • The scheduler now validates ErrorPolicy values in config files (Issue #4591)
  • Long cookies caused the web interface to stop working (Issue #4619)
  • Added SSLOptions values to allow Diffie-Hellman key exchange and disable TLS/1.0 support.
  • Updated the scheduler to support more IPP Everywhere attributes (Issue #4630)
  • The scheduler now supports advanced ASL and journald logging when "syslog" output is configured (Issue #4474)
  • The scheduler now supports logging to stderr when running in the foreground (Issue #4505)

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