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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v2.1.3:

  • The default password function did not work on some platforms (Issue #4750)
  • The scheduler should not exit under memory pressure (rdar://problem/23255001)
  • The EPL2 and ZPL sample drivers did not properly support the CutMedia option.
  • Pending subscriptions would prevent the scheduler from idle exiting (Issue #4754)
  • Fixed some issues in ipptool for skipped tests (rdar://problem/24137160)
  • The "lp -H resume" command did not reset the "job-state-reasons" attribute value (Issue #4752)
  • cupsEncodeOptions2 incorrectly handled escaped values (rdar://problem/19736672)
  • The scheduler did not allow access to resource files (icons, etc.) when the web interface was disabled (Issue #4755)
  • Localization fix (Issue #4756)

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