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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v2.1.2:

  • Re-release of CUPS 2.1.1 as CUPS 2.1.2 due to error in tagging of the 2.1.1 release (pulled content from the 2.2.x tree instead)
  • Security hardening fixes (rdar://problem/23131948, rdar://problem/23132108, rdar://problem/23132353, rdar://problem/23132803, rdar://problem/23133230, rdar://problem/23133393, rdar://problem/23133466, rdar://problem/23133833, rdar://problem/23133998, rdar://problem/23134228, rdar://problem/23134299, rdar://problem/23134356, rdar://problem/23134415, rdar://problem/23134506, rdar://problem/23135066, rdar://problem/23135122, rdar://problem/23135207, rdar://problem/23144290, rdar://problem/23144358, rdar://problem/23144461)
  • The cupsGetPPD* functions did not work with IPP printers (Issue #4725)
  • Some older HP LaserJet printers need a delayed close when printing using the libusb-based USB backend (Issue #4549)
  • The libusb-based USB backend did not unload the kernel usblp module if it was preventing the backend from accessing the printer (Issue #4707)
  • Current Primera printers were incorrectly reported as Fargo printers (Issue #4708)
  • The IPP backend did not always handle jobs getting canceled at the printer (rdar://problem/22716820)
  • Scheduler logging change (Issue #4728)
  • Added USB quirk for Canon MP530 (Issue #4730)
  • The scheduler did not deliver job notifications for jobs submitted to classes (Issue #4733)
  • Changing the printer-is-shared value for a remote queue did not produce an error (Issue #4738)
  • The IPP backend incorrectly included the job-password attribute in Validate-Job requests (rdar://problem/23531939)
  • Updated localizations (Issue #4709)

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