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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v2.1.0:

  • Fixed more scheduler crash bugs in the new logging code (Issue #4687, Issue #4690)
  • The scheduler did not use the ConfigFilePerm setting when copying PPD files or interface scripts attached to a request (Issue #4703)
  • Now support new Chinese locale IDs and their correct fallback locales (rdar://problem/22086642, rdar://problem/22130168)
  • "make check" incorrectly reported an expectation of 18 warning messages when 8 were expected (Issue #4684)
  • The new PDF file type rule did not work (Issue #4692)
  • The scheduler did not update the jobs.cache file when job files were expired (Issue #4706)
  • Fixed some configure script issues (Issue #4694, Issue #4695, Issue #4698)
  • Documentation updates (Issue #4691, Issue #4693)

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