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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v2.0rc1:

  • Documentation updates (Issue #4464)
  • The scheduler now monitors the AC power status on OS X, allowing for "sleep printing" when sharing printers (rdar://problem/17325852)
  • The scheduler incorrectly called launch_activate_socket multiple times on OS X (rdar://problem/17523218)
  • The ippserver test program now passes the IPP Everywhere self- certification tests (Issue #4101)
  • Relaxed the new OS X filter sandbox slightly (Issue #4471, rdar://problem/17483959)
  • Dropped the old Epson Stylus Color/Photo sample drivers since they don't work with any current printers and there are free alternatives that produce much better output (rdar://problem/18036889)
  • Log and configuration files that are not world-readable are again accessible via the web interface (Issue #4461)
  • PPD files are now created using the permissions specified by the ConfigFilePerm directive.
  • Fixed RPM build issues (Issue #4459)
  • Fixed the spinner image and restart page when reconfiguring the scheduler through the web interface (Issue #4475)

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