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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v2.0b1:

  • Added a "--list-filters" option to the cupsfilter command (Issue #4325)
  • Added systemd support (Issue #3917)
  • Added support for re-sending a job as a raster file if a higher-level format such as PDF fails (rdar://problem/15583721)
  • Added support for regular expression matching in the MIME type rules (rdar://problem/11131245)
  • Added support for TLS certificate validation and policy enforcement (Issue #1616)
  • Added support for simultaneous XML and test output from ipptool.
  • Added support for PAUSE directive in ipptool test files.
  • Added support for auto-typing of TIFF files by ipptool (Issue #4418)
  • The scheduler now returns completed jobs in the correct newest-to- oldest order (Issue #4396)
  • The configure script now supports target-specific tools for pkg-config and others (Issue #4423)
  • The ipptool program now supports EXPECT statements for collection member attributes (rdar://problem/15355218)
  • The ipptool program now supports collection attributes with multiple values (rdar://problem/15355124)
  • The sample drivers now include all of the installed localizations by default (rdar://problem/14756625)
  • Adopted Linux man page conventions and updated all man pages (Issue #4372, Issue #4329)
  • The scheduler now supports the "first-index" operation attribute for the Get-Jobs operation (Issue #2913)
  • Changed the default AccessLogLevel and PageLogFormat to disable the access_log and page_log files by default (rdar://problem/16495000)
  • cupsRasterInterpretPPD now supports the Orientation header in order to support long-edge feed raster printers (rdar://problem/15837926)
  • The scheduler now allows run-as-root backends to have group read and execute permissions (Issue #2935)
  • The ippFindAttribute and ippFindNextAttribute functions now support hierarchical searches (Issue #4395)
  • Dropped OpenSSL support in favor of GNU TLS.
  • Dropped "dark wake" support on OS X, which was preventing portables from going to sleep when there was a stuck job. We now use a variation of the CUPS 1.4 sleep support to do a cleaner sleep (rdar://problem/14323704)
  • Dropped support for AIX, HP-UX, and OSF/1 (aka Digital UNIX)
  • Dropped lppasswd and support for Digest authentication in in the scheduler (Issue #4321)
  • The cupsGetClasses, cupsGetPrinters, and cupsTempFile functions are no longer supported.
  • The scheduler now caches more job history data and limits the number of completed jobs returned by Get-Jobs as needed in order to prevent a denial-of-service on busy servers (Issue #2913)
  • The filter/backend sandbox on OS X now defaults to a more strict whitelist (rdar://problem/15939788)
  • Increased the default idle exit timeout to 60 seconds on OS X (rdar://problem/16041820)
  • Printer classes were not accessible on OS X (rdar://problem/16385643)
  • The scheduler now uses to close the default printer definition in printers.conf (Issue #4153)
  • Canceling all jobs in the web interface now just cancels the jobs (Issue #1914)

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