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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v2.0.3:

  • Security: Fixed CERT VU #810572 exploiting the dynamic linker (Issue #4609)
  • Security: The scheduler could hang with malformed gzip data (Issue #4602)
  • Restored missing generic printer icon file (Issue #4587)
  • Fixed logging of configuration errors to show up as errors (Issue #4582)
  • Fixed potential buffer overflows in raster code and filters (Issue #4598, Issue #4599, Issue #4600, Issue #4601)
  • Fixed a gzip processing bug (#4602)
  • Fixed inside (Issue #4575)
  • Fixed lpadmin when both -m and -o are used (Issue #4578)
  • The web interface always showed support for 2-sided printing (Issue #4595)
  • cupsRasterReadHeader did not fully validate the raster header (Issue #4596)
  • The rastertopwg filter did not check for truncated input (Issue #4597)
  • The cups-lpd mini-daemon did not check for request parameters (Issue #4603)
  • The scheduler could get caught in a busy loop (Issue #4605)
  • The sample Epson driver could crash (Issue #4616)
  • The IPP backend now correctly monitors jobs (rdar://problem/20495955)
  • The ppdhtml and ppdpo utilities crashed when the -D option was used before a driver information file (Issue #4627)
  • ippfind incorrectly substituted "=port" for service_port.
  • The IPP/1.1 test file did not handle the initial print job completing early (Issue #4576)
  • Fixed a memory leak in cupsConnectDest (Issue #4634)
  • PWG Raster Format output contained invalid ImageBox values (rdar://problem/21144309)
  • Added Russian translation (Issue #4577)
  • Added German translation (Issue #4635)

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