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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v2.0.2:

  • Security: cupsRasterReadPixels buffer overflow with invalid page header and compressed raster data (Issue #4551)
  • Command-line programs were not localized on Mac OS X (rdar://problem/14546232)
  • The scheduler incorrectly cleared the MakeModel string in the printers.conf file after a restart (rdar://problem/16827518)
  • CUPS did not compile with older versions of GNU TLS (Issue #4527)
  • CUPS did not compile without Avahi or mDNSResponder (Issue #4523)
  • ippLength() did not return the correct length for IPP_TAG_CONST string values.
  • The scheduler incorrectly aborted jobs after a job was restarted (rdar://problem/19129387)
  • The cups-files.conf file contained the old ServerCertificate/Key directives instead of ServerKeychain.
  • Fixed builds when no SSL/TLS library is available, or when explicitly disabled (Issue #4531)
  • Fixed an OpenBSD charset transcoding issue.
  • Fixed USB printing on OpenBSD (Issue #4525)
  • The --without-xinetd configure option did not work (Issue #4542)
  • Backends needing to load OS X kernel extensions did not work (rdar://problem/19015679)
  • Mapping of PPD keywords to IPP keywords did not work if the PPD keyword was already an IPP keyword (rdar://problem/19121005)
  • cupsGetPPD* sent bad requests (Issue #4567)
  • ippserver used the wrong temporary directory on Windows (Issue #4547)
  • ippserver did not handle Bonjour registrations properly (Issue #4548)
  • The scheduler could crash during shutdown if Avahi was shutdown first (Issue #4550)
  • Added a USB quirk rule for Intermec printers (Issue #4553)
  • The scheduler did not always log which configuration file had the error (Issue #4559)
  • The ippfind and ipptool programs now correctly match hostnames with trailing dots (Issue #4563)
  • The ipptool timeout option did not work (Issue #4515)
  • Fixed several issues with client.conf, CUPS_SERVER, and the "-h" option of most commands (Issue #4528)
  • Another change for OpenBSD (Issue #4526)
  • Added Japanese localization (Issue #4524)
  • Documentation changes (Issue #4569)

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