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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v2.0.1:

  • Security: SSLv3 is now disabled by default to protect against the POODLE attack (Issue #4476)
  • Printer sharing did not work when systemd was being used (Issue #4497)
  • cupsGetPPD* would return a symlink to the PPD in /etc/cups/ppd even if it was not readable by the user (Issue #4500)
  • The web interface now protects against frame "click-jacking" attacks (Issue #4492)
  • Fixed a crash in ippAttributeString (rdar://problem/17903871)
  • Fixed a crash in the scheduler on Linux/*BSD if colord was not running (Issue #4496)
  • Fixed a random crash in the scheduler when not using systemd (Issue #4484)
  • Added systemd support for cups-lpd (Issue #4493)
  • The scheduler did not honor the FatalErrors directive for mis- configured Group and SystemGroup values (Issue #4495)
  • The network backends no longer report waste-receptacle conditions when using SNMP (Issue #4499)
  • The IPP backend did not work with some configurations of Windows (Issue #4503)
  • RPMs did not build (Issue #4490)
  • Added a USB quirk rule for the Brother HL-1250 (Issue #4519)
  • Fixed compiles on unsupported platforms (Issue #4510)
  • "cancel -a" did not cancel all jobs on all destinations (Issue #4513)
  • The web interface did not work on OpenBSD (Issue #4496)

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