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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.7rc1:

  • Printer xxx-default values were not reported by Get-Printer-Attributes or lpoptions (rdar://problem/14401795)
  • Fixed deprecation warnings for many functions on OS X so they are tied to the deployment version when building (rdar://problem/14210079)
  • Fixed a build issue on ARM-based Linux systems - unable to validate va_list arguments.
  • Added a new ippfind tool for finding IPP printers and other Bonjour services (rdar://problem/13876199)
  • Fixed some issues with conversion of PWG media size names to hundredths of millimeters (rdar://problem/14065748)
  • The IPP backend could crash on OS X when printing to a Kerberized printer (rdar://problem/14040186)
  • The ipptool program now automatically extends timeouts when the output buffer is filled (rdar://problem/14016099)
  • The ipptool program now supports the --help and --version options.
  • The ipptool program did not continue past include file errors by default (rdar://problem/13875803)
  • The ipptool program now supports FILE-ID and TEST-ID directives and includes their values in its XML output (rdar://problem/13876038)
  • The ipptool program now supports WITH-HOSTNAME, WITH-RESOURCE, and WITH-SCHEME expect predicates to compare the corresponding URI components (rdar://problem/13876091)

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