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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.7b1:

  • The configure script now supports a --with-rundir option to change the transient run-time state directory from the default to other locations like /run/cups (Issue #4306)
  • The scheduler now supports PPD lookups for classes (Issue #4296)
  • The cupsfilter program did not set the FINAL_CONTENT_TYPE environment variable for filters.
  • Added a new "-x" option to the cancel command (Issue #4103)
  • Made the PWG media handling APIs public (Issue #4267)
  • Implemented ready media support for the cupsGetDestMediaXxx APIs (Issue #4289)
  • Added new cupsFindDestDefault, cupsFindDestReady, and cupsFindDestSupported APIs (Issue #4289)
  • Added new cupsGetDestMediaByIndex, cupsGetDestMediaCount, and cupsGetDestMediaDefault APIs (Issue #4289)
  • Added new ippGet/SetOctetString APIs for getting and setting an octetString value (Issue #4289)
  • Added new ippCreateRequestedArray API for generating a array of attributes from the requested-attributes attribute.
  • The ipptool utility now supports compression, conditional tests based on the presence of files, and new DEFINE predicates for STATUS.
  • Added new IPP APIs for checking values (Issue #4167)
  • Added new IPP APis for adding and setting formatted strings.
  • Added new HTTP APIs to support basic server functionality via libcups.
  • The dnssd backend now generates a 1284 device ID as needed (Issue #3702)
  • CUPS now supports compressing and decompressing streamed data (Issue #4168)
  • CUPS now supports higher-level PIN printing, external accounting systems, and "print here" printing environments (Issue #4169)
  • IRIX is no longer a supported operating system (Issue #4092)
  • The PPD compiler now supports JCL options properly (Issue #4115)
  • The web interface now checks whether the web browser has cookies enabled and displays a suitable error message (Issue #4141)

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