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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.7.4:

  • Security: The web interface incorrectly served symlinked files and files that were not world-readable, potentially leading to a disclosure of information (Issue #4450)
  • The CUPS headers incorrectly needed libdispatch for blocks support (Issue #4397)
  • CUPS did not compile when Avahi or mDNSResponder was not present (Issue #4402, Issue #4424)
  • The "snmp" option did not work with the network backends (Issue #4422)
  • The User directive in client.conf did not override the USER environment variable (Issue #4426)
  • The web interface now properly shows a "Go" button for all text-based browsers (Issue #4425)
  • The MaxJobTime directive now properly supports time values (Issue #4434)
  • The RPM spec file did not work due to the new Brazilian Portuguese localization (Issue #4436)
  • Fixed an "IPP read error" issue (Issue #4440)
  • Fixed the --disable-libusb configure option (Issue #4439)
  • Fixed the debug output from the DNS-SD backend when using Avahi (Issue #4444)
  • Fixed a bug in the CUPS_SC_GET_DEVICE_ID handling by the network backends (Issue #4447)
  • Added USB quirk rule for Lexmark E230 (Issue #4448)

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