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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.7.3:

  • Added Brazilian Portuguese translation (Issue #4409)
  • Fixed mapping of OutputBin values such as "Tray1" (rdar://problem/16685606)
  • Several ippGet* functions incorrectly returned -1 instead of 0 on error.
  • The cupsGetResponse function did not work properly with CUPS_HTTP_DEFAULT (rdar://problem/16762593)
  • The IPP backend did not abort a job when the printer did not validate the supplied options (rdar://problem/16836752)
  • Fixed an authentication race condition in cupsSendRequest (Issue #4403)
  • The scheduler did not add the "job-hold-until-specified" reason when holding a job using the lp command (Issue #4405)
  • The configure script incorrectly added libgcrypt as a GNU TLS dependency (Issue #4399)
  • cupsGetDestMediaCount did not work for CUPS_MEDIA_FLAGS DEFAULT (Issue #4414)
  • Auto-typing of PWG Raster files did not work (Issue #4417)
  • IPP queues using hardcoded credentials would ask for credentials (Issue #4371)
  • Dates in non-UTF-8 locales did not display correctly (Issue #4388)
  • The RPM spec file now looks for libusb-devel 1.0 or later.
  • Fixed the "create-printer-subscription.test" file for IPPTOOL (Issue #4420)

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