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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.7.2:

  • Security: The scheduler now blocks URLs containing embedded HTML (Issue #4356)
  • Documentation fixes (Issue #3259, Issue #4346, Issue #4355)
  • Fixed the Japanese localization (Issue #4385)
  • Added a German localization (Issue #4363)
  • The cupsfilter command incorrectly read the cupsd.conf file; it now reads the cups-files.conf file instead.
  • Fixed OS X builds with Xcode 5.x (rdar://problem/15914959)
  • Fixed SSL support on Windows (Issue #4358)
  • Fixed documentation and naming of Create-Job/Printer-Subscriptions operations (Issue #4389)
  • Phone numbers in fax jobs were not properly filtered for IPP FaxOut (rdar://problem/16351701)
  • Updated Linux "relro" support (Issue #4349)
  • Fixed a memory leak in the label printer driver (Issue #4393)
  • cupsEnumDests did not set the "is_default" field (Issue #4332)
  • cupsDoIORequest could miss the server status, causing failed lpadmin and other administrative commands (Issue #4386)
  • cupsEnumDests didn't always call the callback function (Issue #4380)
  • "lp -i job-id -H hold" did not work (STR #nnn)
  • CUPS didn't compile on older platforms (Issue #4338)
  • Several libcups files did not have the Apple license exception notice (Issue #4361)
  • Fixed a D-BUS threading issue that caused the scheduler to crash (Issue #4347)
  • The scheduler now automatically reconnects to Avahi as needed (Issue #4370, Issue #4373)
  • The scheduler did not handle GET requests for the log files properly (Issue #3265)
  • The dnssd backend did not always report all discovered printers using Avahi (Issue #4365)
  • The Zebra printer driver did not properly handle negative "label top" values (Issue #4354)
  • The scheduler did not always update the MakeModel value in printers.conf after updating the driver (Issue #4264)
  • The LPD mini daemon did not support print jobs larger than 2GB (Issue #4351)
  • Fixed a bug in the status reading code when sending a compressed data stream to an IPP printer/server (rdar://problem/16019623)
  • The IPP backend might not include all job attributes in Validate-Job operations (rdar://problem/16025435)
  • Fixed some clang-reported issues (rdar://problem/15936066)

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