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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.7.1:

  • Security: the lppasswd program incorrectly used settings from ~/.cups/client.conf (Issue #4319)
  • Auto debug logging was broken in 1.7.0 (rdar://problem/15331639)
  • Some gzip'd PPD files could not be used (rdar://problem/15386424)
  • Cleaned up some job logging in the scheduler (rdar://problem/15332672)
  • ATTR messages could cause string pool memory corruption in the scheduler (rdar://problem/15382819)
  • The RPM spec file did not list the build requirements; this was on purpose, but now we are listing the Red Hat package names (rdar://problem/15375760, Issue #4322)
  • Printing to a raw queue could result in corrupt output due to opportunistic compression (rdar://problem/15008524)
  • The GNU TLS support code triggered many compiler warnings due to the use of old GNU TLS compatibility type names (rdar://problem/15392966)
  • The "make check" test suite did not work on Linux without the cups-filters package installed (rdar://problem/14292998)
  • Japanese PPDs using with the Shift-JIS encoding did not work (rdar://problem/15427759)
  • "tel:" URIs incorrectly had slashes (rdar://problem/15418463)
  • The libusb-based USB backend incorrectly used write timeouts (rdar://problem/15564888)
  • Shared printers could become inaccessible after a few days on OS X (rdar://problem/15426838)
  • The IPP backend did not wait for a busy printer to become available before attempting to print (rdar://problem/15465667)
  • CUPS did not support "auto-monochrome" or "process-monochrome" for the "print-color-mode" option (rdar://problem/15482520)
  • Using "@if(name)" in an Allow or Deny rule did not work (Issue #4328)
  • lpq and lpstat did not list jobs in the correct order when priorities were specified (Issue #4326)
  • The D-BUS notifier did not remove its lockfile (Issue #4314)
  • CUPS incorrectly used the USER environment variable when the name did not match the user ID (Issue #4327)

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