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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.6.4:

  • Removed some duplicate size definitions for some ISO sizes that were causing problems (rdar://problem/14722721)
  • The IPP backend did not add the "last-document" attribute (rdar://problem/114660379)
  • Added a SyncOnClose directive to cups-files.conf to force cupsd to call fsync before closing any configuration/state files it writes (rdar://problem/14523043)
  • Added USB quirk rule for Lexmark E238 (rdar://problem/14493054)
  • Closed server connections were still not always detected (rdar://problem/14484313)
  • The libusb-based USB backend now loads its list of quirks from files in /usr/share/cups/usb instead of using a hardcoded table (rdar://problem/14442769)
  • The scheduler did not properly register ICC color profiles with colord (rdar://problem/14455625)

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