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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.5rc1:

  • Compile fixes (Issue #3849, Issue #3850)
  • The scheduler didn't check for empty values for several configuration directives (Issue #3861)
  • ipptool didn't generate valid XML when a test was skipped.
  • Added additional error checking to the 1284 device ID code (Issue #3858)
  • Fixed some compatibility issues migrating from the old usblp backend to the libusb backend (Issue #3860)
  • Fixed the wake-from-sleep printing behavior on Mac OS X.
  • The scheduler incorrectly allowed jobs to be held from a terminating state.
  • The cups-driverd program could crash when a PPD was renamed.
  • The dnssd backend took too long to discover printers on large or busy networks with the new default timeout used by lpinfo and the web interface. This resulted in "lost" printers.

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