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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.5b1:

  • The CUPS library now supports per-connection HTTP timeouts and callbacks.
  • The CUPS library now supports (limited) SSL/TLS X.509 certificate validation and revocation (Issue #1616)
  • Updated the PostScript filter to support IncludeFeature in more circumstances (Issue #3417)
  • The schedule did not correctly parse some IPv6 addresses and masks in the cupsd.conf file (Issue #3533)
  • Fixed a case-insensitive string comparison issue for locales that do not treat "I" and "i" as equivalent (Issue #3800)
  • The scheduler reported an incorrect job-printer-uri value when sharing was not enabled (Issue #3639)
  • The scheduler now allows the ServerAlias directive to contain multiple hostnames separated by spaces or commas (Issue #3813)
  • The scheduler now sets the process group for child processes and manages the group (Issue #2829)
  • Fixed some minor issues discovered by a Coverity scan (Issue #3838)
  • The scheduler now more carefully creates and removes configuration, cache, and state files (Issue #3715)
  • The lpadmin command now allows default option values to be deleted (Issue #2959)
  • The lpadmin command now allows the cupsIPPSupplies and cupsSNMPSupplies keywords to be set in a PPD file (Issue #3825)
  • Moving a held job no longer releases it (Issue #3839)
  • Restored support for GNU TLS and OpenSSL with threading enabled (Issue #3605)
  • Fixed a confusing error message from cups-polld (Issue #3806)
  • Increased the default RIPCache value to 128MB (Issue #3535)
  • MIME errors are now routed to the error_log file (Issue #2410)
  • Updated PDF filter to support new Ghostscript ps2write device (Issue #3766)
  • Updated PDF filter to support new Poppler option to preserve page sizes in PDF files when the user has not selected a particular media size (Issue #3689)
  • Added new PWG Raster filter for IPP Everywhere printer support.
  • Added job-uuid, printer-uuid, and subscription-uuid attributes.
  • Added support for the cupsSingleFile PPD keyword.
  • Dropped support for the printer-state-history attribute (Issue #3654)
  • Added support for a new cupsIPPSupplies keyword in PPD files to allow drivers to disable IPP supply level reporting.
  • Added support for a new cupsFilter2 keyword in PPD files to allow for the propagation of the actual MIME media type produced by a filter.
  • The scheduler did not always get the correct Kerberos username when authenticating (Issue #3670)
  • Added new cupsRasterOpenIO function and CUPS_RASTER_WRITE_PWG to the CUPS imaging library to support printing to IPP Everywhere raster printers.
  • The scheduler now provides default values for the pages-per-minute and pages-per-minute-color attributes for PPD files that lack a Throughput keyword.
  • Email notifications did not work on Mac OS X.
  • The cupstestppd program now shows an error for files missing a CloseGroup keyword (Issue #3668)
  • Name resolution errors no longer cause queues to stop (Issue #3719, Issue #3753)
  • Added a new cups-exec helper program that applies security profiles to filters, port monitors, backends, CGI programs, and mini-daemons.
  • The web interface can now be disabled using the WebInterface directive in cupsd.conf (Issue #2625)
  • The scheduler now provides privacy controls for jobs and subscriptions (Issue #2969)
  • Added new cupsArrayNew3 API which offers memory management of array elements.
  • Added several new color spaces to the CUPS raster format (Issue #3419)
  • The Validate-Job operation now uses the same policy as Print-Job by default.
  • CUPS now uses iconv to implement all of its character encoding support (Issue #3097)
  • The scheduler now implements the Cancel-Jobs, Cancel-My-Jobs, and Close-Job operations along with the job-ids operation attribute from PWG 5100.11.
  • The main CUPS header (<cups/cups.h>) no longer includes the PPD header (<cups/ppd.h>).
  • The scheduler and CUPS API now support the print-quality job template attribute.
  • The scheduler no longer supports the old Mac OS X Server quota plugin.
  • The scheduler now allows writing to /Users/Shared from print filters on Mac OS X.
  • CUPS no longer supports the old ~/.cupsrc or ~/.lpoptions files from CUPS 1.1.x. The ~/.cups/client.conf and ~/.cups/lpoptions files that were introduced in CUPS 1.2 must now be used.
  • The ipptest tool is now a first-class user program and has several improvements along with new documentation (Issue #3484)
  • The cupstestppd tool now warns about non-unique filenames and provides a way to ignore all filename warnings.
  • Dropped support for the recoverable: and recovered: message prefixes.
  • The scheduler now requires that filters and backends have group write permissions disabled.
  • The PPD compiler now checks for overlapping filenames when writing PPD files.
  • The HP-GL/2 filter is no longer included with CUPS (Issue #3322)
  • The SCSI backend is no longer included with CUPS (Issue #3500)

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