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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.5.4:

  • Documentation updates (Issue #4112, Issue #4130, Issue #4134)
  • Fixes for libusb-based USB backend (Issue #4128)
  • The lpq command did not show the owner or title of jobs unless passed a username on the command-line (Issue #4135)
  • Localized empty strings contained the message catalog metadata (Issue #4119)
  • Fixed a crash in the libusb-based USB backend (Issue #4099)
  • The cups-lpd mini-daemon no longer handled jobs with multiple copies (Issue #4118)
  • Multiple libusb backend fixes (Issue #4098, Issue #4100)
  • The IPP backend no longer tries to get the job status for printers that do not implement the required operation (Issue #4083)
  • Sending a document in an unsupported format to an IPP printer now automatically cancels the job (Issue #4093)
  • Fix some error reporting issues when printing from /dev/null and other unusual situations (Issue #4015)
  • The scheduler now sets the CUPS_MAX_MESSAGE environment variable for filters (Issue #4074)
  • Fixed a build issue when using older versions of autoconf (Issue #4084)
  • The IPP backend now treats the client-error-not-possible status code as a job history issue, allowing IPP printing to Windows to work (Issue #4047)
  • The IPP backend incorrectly included the document-format and compression attributes in Create-Job requests (Issue #4086)
  • The libusb-based USB backend did not work on non-Linux platforms (Issue #4088)

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