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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.5.3:

  • httpReconnect() did not reset the read/write buffers (Issue #4065)
  • Compiling without threading support failed (Issue #4060)
  • Fixed compile problem with old versions of OpenSSL (Issue #4036)
  • The network backends did not check SNMP supply levels regularly (Issue #4040)
  • The online help always included the "help on help" text (Issue #4042)
  • Fixed a SSL handshake issue on OS X (Issue #4045)
  • The scheduler could crash if a PPD file contained an invalid paper size (Issue #4049)
  • The CUPS polling daemon did not reinitialize its connection to the remote server on errors in all cases (Issue #4031)
  • PostScript auto-configuration was slow and unreliable with some printers (Issue #4028)
  • Missing localizations caused empty output (Issue #4033)
  • The cups-driverd program could temporarily "forget" a PPD file if it was updated in place.
  • The dnssd backend now prefers IPPS over IPP.
  • The USB backend now uses and requires LIBUSB 1.0 or later (Issue #3477)
  • The LIBUSB-based USB backend now supports the back-channel (Issue #2890)
  • Changed how timeouts are implemented in the LPD backend (Issue #4013)
  • Added more supported color names for SNMP supplies (Issue #3981)
  • The default InputSlot setting was never used (Issue #3957)
  • POSIX ACLs are now set properly on certificate files (Issue #3970)
  • Supplies with commas in their names were not reported correctly (Issue #4020)
  • The cupsGetPPD3() function created a temporary file when one was not needed (Issue #4018)
  • The scheduler now ensures that job notifications contain a value for the notify-printer-uri attribute (Issue #4014)
  • The lp and lpr commands did not cancel jobs queued from stdin on an error (Issue #4015)
  • Fixed the IPP backend's handling of HTTP/1.0 compatibility (Issue #3988)
  • The IPP backend did not always setup username/password authentication for printers (Issue #3985)
  • The IPP backend no longer re-queues print jobs that are too large for the printer/server (Issue #3977)
  • The RPM spec file did not work (Issue #4021, Issue #4057)
  • Encryption did not work when the server name ended with "." (Issue #4011)
  • The multi-purpose tray is now mapped to the IPP "by-pass-tray" (Issue #4009)
  • The correct media size was not always passed to IPP printers (Issue #4001)
  • Finishing options were not passed to IPP printers (Issue #3995)
  • Fixed iCloud-based Back to My Mac printing (Issue #3996)

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