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Changes in CUPS v1.5.2:

  • Reposted what should have been CUPS 1.5.1. CHANGES IN CUPS V1.5.1
  • Documentation updates (Issue #3885, Issue #3886, Issue #3946, Issue #3969)
  • Localization updates (Issue #3840, Issue #3989, Issue #3997)
  • Build fixes (Issue #3956, Issue #3999)
  • The SNMP backend did not validate the device URIs reported by printers (Issue #4004)
  • cupsBackendReport() did not handle newlines in 1284 Device IDs (Issue #4005)
  • USB backend fixes for libusb (Issue #3965, Issue #3978)
  • The DBUS notifier did not validate string parameters (Issue #3984)
  • Group quota ACLs did not work with Kerberos (Issue #3972)
  • The IPP backend did not retry when a printer responded with client-error-not-possible (Issue #3963)
  • PostScript PPDs with filters used the wrong command filter (Issue #3973)
  • The scheduler incorrectly used free() on a POSIX ACL value, which could cause a crash (Issue #3970)
  • PPD files using the MacStandard encoding did not work.
  • The web interface did not work on some platforms (Issue #3902)
  • The lpstat command would crash when then "-u" option was used by a non-administrator (Issue #3953)
  • Japanese supply level reporting did not always work.
  • The DBUS notifier could crash (Issue #3947)
  • Relaxed some of the page size checks in cupstestppd.
  • The ipptool program now reports attributes that are repeated within the same attribute group.
  • Updated the PWG raster support to match the current draft specification.
  • Fixed some IPP conformance issues in the scheduler.
  • Added ipptool support for repeating requests.
  • Added IPP/2.2 conformance tests and greatly improved the IPP/1.1, IPP/2.0, and IPP/2.1 conformance testing.
  • IPP messages containing mixed integer/rangeOfInteger values did not work (Issue #3942)
  • The ipptool program now provides additional diagnostics for badly- formatted responses (Issue #3857)
  • When possible, the IPP backend now stops sending job data early on a cancel.
  • cupsSendRequest and cupsWriteRequestData did not properly read all HTTP headers, preventing authentication and encryption upgrades from working in all cases.
  • The client.conf Server directive is no longer supported on Mac OS X 10.7 and later.
  • The IPP backend sent the wrong margins in media-col.
  • The scheduler did not save or restore large Kerberos credentials for jobs.
  • The dnssd backend did not properly browse for secure IPP printers.
  • httpAssembleURI* did not properly escape all special characters in the username/password field.
  • The scheduler now logs config file errors to stderr (Issue #3936)
  • The configure script incorrectly used bundle-based localizations on Linux (Issue #3938)
  • The cups-driverd helper program did not cache .drv files properly, sometimes leading to a crash (Issue #3921)
  • CUPS did not build on stock Mac OS X installations.
  • Encryption was broken with OpenSSL.
  • ipptool's XML output used date/time values with timezone offsets, which are not supported by Mac OS X's NSDate class.
  • Several programs did not support the cupsFilter2 keyword in PPD files.
  • The IPP backend incorrectly reported spool-area-full states.
  • cupsMarkOptions() did not protect against a bad PPD that was missing one or more standard Duplex options.
  • The PostScript filter did not mirror N-up output properly.
  • The ipptool program did not validate UTF-8 strings in XML output.
  • Fixed supply level reporting for some printers.
  • The scheduler no longer automatically logs debug messages for jobs that were held or canceled.
  • The cupsSendRequest function did not flush remaining response data from a previous request, leading to apparent chunking issues.
  • The scheduler did not report the correct version in the Server: header (Issue #3903)
  • The scheduler did not support 1284 device IDs reported by driver interface programs longer than 127 characters (Issue #3871)
  • The image filters did not support loading images larger than the RIPCache setting (Issue #3901)
  • "PAGE: total NNN" messages did not get logged properly (Issue #3887)
  • Updated the PWG Raster support to conform to the current draft of the PWG Raster Format specification.
  • The PWG Raster filter did not always write the correct number of padding lines on the bottom of the page (Issue #3904)
  • When reporting a denial-of-service attack from the domain socket, the address reported does not always contain the correct path (Issue #3888)
  • Badly formed GIF files could cause the image filters to crash (Issue #3914)
  • Jobs canceled at the printer were retried by the IPP backend.
  • "cupsfilter -u" deleted the input file instead of the PPD file.
  • The scheduler did not compute the cost of PPD filters defined using the cupsFilter2 keyword properly.
  • The scheduler did not correctly support the maxsize() attribute for PPD filters.

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