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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.4b2:

  • Documentation updates (Issue #2983, Issue #2998, Issue #3021)
  • The cupstestppd utility now validates the FileVersion and FormatVersion values in PPD files.
  • The default cupsd.conf file did not reflect the --with-local-protocols value set at compile-time (Issue #3037)
  • The cupsGetPPD* APIs now create symlinks to local PPD files rather than copying them whenever possible.
  • Various performance optimizations in the string pool, dests, and options implementations.
  • The cupsGetDests* APIs now return the marker and printer-commands attributes.
  • Side-channel SNMP lookups would not work when cupsSNMPSupplies was set to False in the PPD file.
  • Localized the device descriptions for the SCSI, serial, and network backends (Issue #3014)
  • Added a Spanish localization (Issue #3015)
  • Added support for marker-low-levels and marker-high-levels attributes.
  • The scheduler could hang writing a long log line.
  • The cupsGetDevices() function now has an "include_schemes" parameter.
  • The lpinfo command now supports --include-schemes and --exclude-schemes options.
  • The CUPS-Get-PPDs operation now supports the include-schemes and exclude-schemes attributes.
  • The CUPS-Get-Devices operation now supports the include-schemes attribute.
  • The print filters now support a replacement for the fitplot option called "fit-to-page".
  • The LPD backend no longer tries to collect page accounting information since the LPD protocol does not allow us to prevent race conditions.
  • The scheduler did not save the last marker-change-time value.
  • Fixed a problem with printing to some IPP printers, including CUPS 1.1.x.
  • Fixed a redirection problem with the printer web page (Issue #3012)
  • Fixed a PPD compiler problem with the loading of message catalogs (Issue #2990)
  • Fixed a PPD compiler problem with the loading of .strings files (Issue #2989)
  • The cupsfilter utility did not set the CONTENT_TYPE environment variable when running filters.
  • The scheduler now waits to allow system sleep until the jobs have all stopped.
  • The IPP, LPD, and socket backends used different "connecting" progress messages.

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