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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.4.5:

  • Documentation fixes (Issue #3542, Issue #3650)
  • Localization fixes (Issue #3635, Issue #3636, Issue #3647, Issue #3666)
  • Security: Fixed a memory corruption bug reported in CVE-2010-2941 (Issue #3648)
  • The CUPS API incorrectly mapped the HTTP_UNAUTHORIZED status to the IPP_NOT_AUTHORIZED status code, when IPP_NOT_AUTHENTICATED would be the correct mapping (Issue #3684)
  • The scheduler would restart jobs while shutting down (Issue #3679)
  • Fixed a PPD loader bug that could cause a crash in cupsd (Issue #3680)
  • Improved the mapping of non-standard PPD and PWG names (Issue #3671)
  • The scheduler did not initialize Kerberos in all cases (Issue #3662)
  • cupsAdminSetServerSettings duplicated Listen and Order lines (Issue #3645)
  • Added DeviceN colorspace support to the CUPS Raster format (Issue #3419)
  • ppdMarkDefaults() did not clear the marked field of the previous choices (Issue #3642)
  • The serial backend would not allow a raw job to be canceled (Issue #3649)
  • The socket backend could go into an infinite loop with certain printers (Issue #3622)
  • Setting the PRINTER or LPDEST environment variables to "name/instance" did not work (Issue #3485)
  • The scheduler did not handle the JobRetryLimit setting properly (Issue #3466)
  • The lpstat command always showed a remote job ID of 0 for shared printers (Issue #3627)
  • Increased the write timeout for the libusb-based USB backend to 5 minutes (Issue #3595)
  • The libusb-base USB backend did not check whether the printer has a serial number (Issue #3590)
  • The lpadmin command did not support setting of custom option values (Issue #3631)
  • The lpadmin command did not support setting of the location or description of a class (Issue #3613)
  • The cupsaddsmb command did not give up after too many failed attempts (Issue #3615)
  • The CUPS library no longer uses certain problematic ctype macros that change based on the locale's character set.
  • PJL value substitution of more than 9 values was broken (Issue #3621)
  • Custom options with missing string values caused ppdEmit* to segfault (Issue #3620)
  • Fixed an issue with the Italian version of the web interface (Issue #3624)
  • Fixed the Solaris SMF configuration file for cups-lpd (Issue #3611)
  • The scheduler did not set the notify-subscribed-event attribute when delivering printer-added or printer-modified events (Issue #3608)
  • The mailto notifier could get into an infinite loop (Issue #3609)
  • Date/time information was not shown in banner pages.
  • Relational operators were broken in #if/#elif/#else/#endif expressions for the PPD compiler.
  • Moving a job via the web interface failed without asking for authentication (Issue #3559)
  • The scheduler now clears the printer-state-reasons when the driver is changed (Issue #3570)
  • The web interface did not allow a user to change the driver (Issue #3537, Issue #3601)
  • The scheduler was not setting the PATH_INFO environment variable when needed (Issue #3600)
  • The scheduler incorrectly set the CUPSD_AUTH_TYPE environment variable instead of AUTH_TYPE (Issue #3599)
  • Fixed a buffer overrun in the PPD compiler (Issue #3594)
  • Fixed some additional IPP job template attribute mapping issues in the scheduler.

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