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6 years ago

Changes in CUPS v1.4.1:

  • Documention fixes (Issue #3296)
  • SNMP supply levels and states were wrong for some printers.
  • The IPP backend did not update the auth-info-required value.
  • The libusb-based USB backend would hang at the end of the job (Issue #3315, Issue #3318)
  • DNS-SD registrations for raw queues had an empty "ty" key (Issue #3299)
  • The JPEG and BMP MIME type rules were broken (Issue #3284)
  • cupsGetNamedDest returned the default printer when the named destination did not exist (Issue #3285)
  • The JobKillDelay was not triggered for canceled jobs (Issue #3292)
  • The PPD compiler could get in an infinite loop (Issue #3293)
  • The configure check for dns-sd.h was broken (Issue #3297)
  • The "Query Printer for Default Options" page did not go away if the query job was held (Issue #3302)
  • Boolean options did not show up as selected in the web interface (Issue #3303)
  • The scheduler did not cache or report driver information files correctly, leading to a variety of issues (Issue #3283, Issue #3297, Issue #3305)
  • cupsDoIORequest() did not abort on permanent errors (Issue #3311)
  • Modifying a class in the web interface did not work (Issue #3312)
  • BrowseLocalProtocols could be cleared when changing the sharing setting (Issue #3287)
  • The scheduler could return an empty supported document format (Issue #3308)
  • The PPD compiler generated invalid PPD files when the locale used something other than "." for the decimal point (Issue #3300)
  • The IPP backend did not handle some non-comforming IPP printer implementations (Issue #3262)
  • The scheduler leaked three file descriptors to each job filter (Issue #3263)
  • The scheduler now uses a default CUPS-Get-Devices timeout of 15 seconds (Issue #3307)

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